Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.19 “Time Bomb”


Here is the podcast covering episode nineteen of season five “Time Bomb”

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Next, we will be covering episode twenty of season five, “The Girl in Question” where Angel and Spike have a big day off.


7 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.19 “Time Bomb””

  1. Joseph says :

    The Girl in Question

    Based on what I remembered, I expected to hate this episode on rewatch. And to be fair, it’s a nearly complete derail of Angel’s sudden swerve into ruthlessness, and the Italians are absurd caricatures, and I hate Andrew, and it makes no sense to have Andrew be all buddy-buddy after he left last time with “nobody trusts you any more.” And rather than given the episode some contrast, the Wesley-Illyria plot just feels like it’s from a different episode, and on top of that, the Wes-Illyria plot doesn’t really have a conflict that gets resolved – Wes gets tortured for a while, and then the Burkles just leave, without any dramatic arc or resolution.

    But I don’t care. I love a silly episode when it clicks, and this one just wore me down. I loved the Angel-Spike chemistry, I loved Angel’s new jacket, I loved the bar fight, I loved Angel and Spike trying to stop a car with a Vespa, I loved the italian CEO spitting all over the place. It was ridiculous and absurd and I loved it.

    I could see Spike fans getting irritated – Spike was very funny, but he was definitely the sidekick in this one, from announcing several times that he thought he never had a chance to be with Buffy for the long haul to all his flashbacks. (But how can you not like “It’s a relationship if you do it enough times!” or “I got confused! It’s very loud in here!”)

    It was touching to see Wes get emotionally tortured some more, in a setting where he couldn’t really just let it out and be crazy, and it’s apparent that Illyria is desperately lonely. I like to think her attachment to him is because (a) he killed Knox, her priest, and (b) he has so strong an emotional connection to her and/or Fred that she can’t resist him. It’s dark and fascinating. After Justine in the closet, Ghost Lilah, and Real Lilah, I wouldn’t have thought Wes could do worse in the relationship department, but I guess an alien god living in the shell of his dead love is pretty darn dark, and the idea that Illyria only has WESLEY for guidance and comfort is just as dark.

    And as I said, it detracts from Newly Ruthless Angel and the Hidden Apocalypse, which would be a mediocre name for a band, but a decent name for a youtube musical about Angel, if anyone is thinking about it. After this episode, I care slightly less about those two plot lines, and I didn’t care much about them before.

  2. Cathleen says :

    I’m conflicted on The Girl In Question. I hate this episode for the awful ‘let’s bring up Buffy for another Angel & Spike fight’ storyline that is the entirety of their trip to Italy except I can’t help but love their banter throughout the episode. And I love the Wes & Illyria storyline.
    Let’s start with the Italy storyline. The show has stood on its own two feet for 3 seasons without Buffy. Why did they insist on this final pursuit of Angel & Spike trying to win her back when it was nothing but a fake-out as they couldn’t get SMG? Yes she was a big part of their lives but I feel like this episode put Angel & Spike back to their ‘Destiny’ fight and ignored the progress they had made. I hate the slow-mo pan to the random blonde chick. And spoilers from the comics but as I vaguely remember it they tried to sell this storyline as definitely a fake Buffy as it was another Slayer pretending to be her to protect Buffy. And what about the Immortal? Is he even a vampire or just a demon? Did I miss that? I’m left feeling unsure if the show made the right decision to talk up this baddie and then not show him at all. Especially when it feels more like he’s an annoyance to Angel & Spike rather than an all-powerful immortal being.
    And what happened to Gunn being smart? I know Buffy ended up been the motivator for Angel & Spike to go to Italy but why did Gunn insist on sending Angel to Italy and back to collect the demon head on such a tight deadline when he knew W&H had an Italy office and could’ve solved it by getting them to send an employee with the head well before a demon war broke out?
    Aside from those gripes, I loved seeing Angelus, Spike, Dru & Darla together. It’s so rare to have all 4 together at once and I loved it. I love the music cue change when Angel & Spike are on the scooter. Their fight over who has solved the world more is adorable.
    I know Wes has been thoroughly depressed since Fred died but I gotta say, Wes, mate, Fred asked you to do one thing when she died, tell her parents she was strong and you haven’t even told them she’s dead! That aside I feel like the Wes & Illyria emotions over the demon pretending to be Fred to the Burkles saved the episode for me. I love every scene between the two of them and the sadness of Illyria not been Fred is just drowning Wes. It’s a pity the show didn’t get the extra season to really explore how much Wes can’t let Illyria go and if Illyria really is affected by Fred’s feelings for Wes which is why she can’t seem to leave him either.

  3. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    On first watch this did make me laugh. This time around it felt a bit forced. Seeing Angel reduced to a laughing stock didn’t feel right either. Not at this stage in the show and so close to the end of the season. I understand the idea of touching on Angel and Spike’s relationships with Buffy one last time but I don’t think getting this silly made sense.

    • Joseph says :

      That’s fair, and to be honest, it doesn’t make sense. (And on reflection, I assume the Italian CEO and the head carrying demon are offensive Italian caricatures.)

      But oh, the silliness just got funnier and funnier (IMHO). That, and I’m adding “Take Me In Your Arms” to my playlist, because it’s going to make me smile every time.

      Darryl, if you haven’t said it yet on the podcast, the song is obviously about Angel and Spike:


      Once upon a lovely time
      Many million dreams ago
      Once there was a man in love dear
      Many million dreams ago

      Once he thought he had a sweetheart
      Then he broke the golden rule
      Never take your love for granted
      Wise men often play the fool

      Now he’d like to say I’m sorry
      Can’t you see within his heart
      Without you there’s no tomorrow
      Why should true love have to part

      Take me in your arms
      I promise to be true
      Never again I’ll stray
      Away from you

      Take me in your arms
      I promise to be true
      Never again I’ll stray
      Away from you

      • Joseph says :

        I mean Derek! I was thinking of a guy Darryl and short-circuited.

      • Derek Stauffer says :

        I assumed I was Darryl haha.

        I’m a little removed from watching the episode, we recorded last Sunday so William should have it edited and up shortly but is “Take Me In Your Arms” in “Girl in Question.” If so that is wonderful.

      • Joseph says :

        @Derek – yes, “Take Me In Your Arms” is the Dean Martin song that plays during Spike and Angel’s so-mo fight in the club.

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