Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.18 “Origin”

Angel and Connor

Here is the podcast covering episode eighteen of season five “Origin”

You can download it here.

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Next, we will be covering episode nineteen of season five, “Time Bomb” where Illyria’s powers grow unstable.


4 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.18 “Origin””

  1. Cathleen says :

    Time Bomb is just a bit of a filler episode which is disappointing at this point of the series so close to the end but as I think I understand it when the news came down about the end of the series it’s the following episode that was halfway through been written so this one couldn’t be changed. It’d be a decent episode had it not been the last season as they would’ve had the chance to expand upon Illyria losing some of her powers and sharing her body with Fred. Amy and Alexis did a nice job with what they were given. Amy with the confusion over Illyria time jumping all over the joint and Alexis at pretending Wes was prepared to kill Illyria. But it’s a little anticlimactic since of course he’s not going to kill her as Fred only died a few episodes ago so if they didn’t want Amy to continue with the show they aren’t going to do it this way.
    Moments that I do enjoy from this episode – Illyria working out how to free Gunn in several seconds, nice work doing nothing for days/weeks Angel. Wes’s not-apology to Gunn. Seeing Illyria taking out the entire gang despite been so predictable on how the time jumping would resolve it. Lorne and his walkie talkie. I also liked the dilemma Gunn and Angel were dealing with for the demon W&H clients. We’re really starting to see just how much Angel has changed since taking over W&H.

  2. hausosdance says :

    Timebomb was… okay…

    I was a bit confused by aspects of Wesley’s characterisation. His ‘all-over-the-placeness’ in his office didn’t feel very true and I wasn’t quite sure what we were supposed to get from it. Angel was a bit dull (as usual, this season I still feel) and not very likeable in his behaviour to poor Lorne, who Angel knows (or would know, if he cares) has been pretty depressed.

    I liked Gunn – it feels like we have ‘one of them back’ a bit. I am unclear though whether he now has his Connor/S3-4 memories back like Wesley and really hope we get back to this.

    Amy is killing it as Illyria and I am intrigued by the idea that Fred is infecting ‘her’ right back in some way, through the memories in the brain Illyria has inherited and perhaps just by virtue of inhabiting Fred’s human ‘shell’ and all that goes with that (being a human size, communicating as humans do, etc).

    Apocalypse. Meh. No sense of foreboding or mystery here really. Bit like in final season of Buffy, where the ‘First’ was nowhere near as exciting/terrifying as other Big Bads. Would love a bit more creepy/sinister stuff to be telegraphed to give the sense that something really major and bad may be bubbling. On the other hand, maybe it is being, but I’m too dense to see it 🙂 My skin isn’t pricking though and zero hairs on neck being raised…yet.

  3. Joseph says :

    Time Bomb:

    1) I liked this episode more on rewatch than I thought I would. At first, I was irritated that Angel, the guy who tried to reform JASMINE at the end of Season Four, thought that Illyria was beyond help. But Boreanaz and Acker did a great job, and it set up a nice episode arc where Angel and Illyria grow to understand each other a little.

    2) On the other hand, I didn’t like Angel’s sudden swerve at the end. I get it – Illyria gave him a speech that a good ruler has to be determined, and he’s wound up about the whole situation, but at this point, Angel has had so many sudden character shifts that I don’t care.

    3) On the other hand, I still love Wesley. What makes him fascinating and terrifying is that no matter how crazy he gets, he’s still a calculating, strategic thinker. This time, in the middle of all his unhinged manic/depressive nihilistic breakdown, he still was able to get away with lying to Angel about what the gun would do, and with a completely straight face. There’s really no way for the gang to guess what Wesley’s planning at any moment, or to be sure they can stop it.

    4) I kind of want to see the basement monster’s next day, where he waves at the neighbors, makes small talk with his wife, and teaches his son about the Earth’s core.

  4. Michelle says :

    Hey guys, sorry I’ve been kind of silent lately, mostly because I’ve been traveling for the past few weeks and haven’t had a chance to really spend time on an Angel episode.
    However, this episode of Buffy season 1 was on TV at one of the hotels i was staying at in Canada, and it was ‘Teacher’s Pet’. You guys should rewatch that episode, and let me know if that basement where Ms. French lays her eggs and trapped Xander and Blaney, is the exact same freaking basement set they used for all of the Angel in the last season!!!!

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