Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.16 “Shells”


Here is the podcast covering episode sixteen of season five “Shells”

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Next, we will be covering episode seventeen of season five, “Underneath” where Angel, Gunn and Spike go hunting for Lindsey.


3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.16 “Shells””

  1. Michelle says :

    I liked this episode — not a lot happened in terms of actual development aside from the Lindsey rescue, but there’s a lot of well-crafted conversations that simmered, particularly with Wesllyria, and also Gunn and Angel. I also liked that they showed incrementally Lorne’s depression and alienating from the group — he was AWOL for a while and then came back to help only to discover they had left Gunn behind and it is setting up for his storyline.

    A few questions
    – I always like to understand why an episode is named the way it is. I think this episode had a lot of reasons for naming it ‘Underneath’. Lindsey being afraid of what lies ‘underneath’ in the basement, what actually went on ‘underneath’ the happy appearance in Pleasantville, Lindsey/Gunn’s quiz session with ‘son’ about what’s underneath each of earth’s layers, Fred’s question to Wesley in his dream, Lindsey’s comment regarding the apocalypse had been here all along, underneath.
    – What exactly DID dream Fred mean when she said ‘this is only the first layer. Don’t you want to see how deep I go?” Was she refering to the fact that Wesley had memories altered and is only accessing the first layer?
    – Wesllyria seems to be in the same room where Fred died? Is that supposed to be where Fred lived when she was in college? Did she buy the place? Feels like she’d been living full time at the Hyperion then W&H, why does she still have access to a place? I thought maybe this is her parents’ house but there’s no way they went all the way to Texas, rightt?
    – Are the Pleasantville wife and kid actually human (W&H agents) or some spell? Also, notice how much she looks like Darla?
    – what would’ve happened if Angel had chosen the Camaro randomly some other time? Are there other cars that take you to other hell/holding dimensions we don’t know about?

    A few thoughts:
    – Lindsey’s punishment is referencing Prometheus getting his liver torn out every day and it grows back again as punishment for stealing fire from Mount Olympus and giving to humans. Perhaps W&H (Zeus) is punishing Lindsey(Prometheus) in this case for rebelling and betraying the gods and siding with the humans.
    – Harmony I think is the only character that was in the 1st episode of BtVs and last episode of Angel, being the longest char spanning all of buffyverse. She finally got her own credits! Woot!
    – I LOLed when Illyria referenced Anya’s ‘world with nothing but shrimp’. ‘Stop with the shrimp! — Superstar’
    – The commentary said the scene in the basement where Gunn stayed and the gang rescued Lindsey was the moment where Joss came by and told everyone they were cancelled. I think you guys mentioned previously that during when Smile Time aired was when they found out, I guess that’s also when this episode was filmed. I tried to look for some sort of clue on people’s faces. They filmed kind of a sad dramatic scene when Gunn decided to stay behind, wonder if the bad news helped.
    – That scene with the machine gun wielding wife shooting at the couch and everyone jumping around slow-mo (except Lindsey who just stood there, and somehow she STILL managed to miss him) looks like a scene from a slumber party pillow fight
    – Adam Baldwin looked enormous! He did Terminator very well, which made the surprising ‘we’re behind 100%, so glad to be on the team!’ delivery pay off.
    – I think Gunn finally grows in this episode. The Gunn who made the deal with Dr.Sparrow is not too different from the Gunn who traded in his future for a truck — ‘need something now, screw consequences, deal with that later’. Even in Double of Nothing (i think?) he didn’t seem to experience any remorse for that decision, just unhappy that it caught up with him and he had to pay up. I think this is the moment he finally matures and understands the impact of making those types of decisions.

    Favorite moment is Angel’s speech to Gunn at the hospital. A close second would be one of the Wesllyria conversations. Then Spike’s beer briefcase, definitely.

    Anyway, next episode is looking like it should pick up in action after the slow build of this one, looking forward to it.

  2. Cathleen says :

    I really like Underneath. But it’s just one of those episodes that I can’t quite put my finger on exactly why I like it and somehow moves the story along without doing too much. Angel. Spike and his beer is a great opening scene. Really goes to show how broken up the gang are. It’s about time Angel realised Eve & Lindsey might be able to help them with info on the Senior Partners. Hamilton’s entrance was great, they really make him look powerful.
    Mercedes McNab added to the credits is a nice little thank you for being with the Buffyverse since the two-part Buffy pilot.
    The Wes/Illyria, Wes dreaming of Fred scenes were nice. They needed to put them in the background of the episode since they were the major players in the past two episodes and it completely makes sense that Wes would drown his sorrows and Illyria would be inquisitive about him.
    I thought the car trip to hell was actually quite smart for the show. They didn’t need to make a big deal of getting to Lindsey and this was a quick way to get them there. Though Lindsey deserves to be stuck in “toy poodles on parade” hell I love what they did by giving him this fake perfect life that as soon as the basement is mentioned he knows deep down something is wrong. The fake wife was badass with her gun.
    The scene with the bullets flying everywhere and the team jumping over the crouch was a little bit insane. We all know Angel & Spike will live and how she missed Gunn & Lindsey seems ridiculous considering how many bullets were flying.
    I don’t think I’ve ever respected Gunn before but his decision to stay behind in the hell dimension with the fake wife, fake child and getting his heart cut out each day as penance for his involvement in Fred’s death – respect earned.
    I like the ending with the gang finding out the apocalypse has started without them knowing it. I feel like a lot of Buffyverse seasons get stuck when we find out the Big Bad’s plan and then finding a way to delay it until the end of the season.


    I thought I’d also share with you all how lucky I was a couple weeks ago to meet David Boreanaz at a con here in Australia. Though photos and autos were extremely rushed he was incredibly happy to meet everyone there to see him. In the 5 seconds I got to spend at his autograph table I asked him what his favourite experience working on Angel was and he said it was having wires attached to his head and flying around the room all day long. Two bits from his panel – Lilah was his favourite baddie over the course of the series and there’s the misconception that the puppet episode Smile Time was created so he could have the week off. He told us he was there in every scene and was as close to been on screen without been filmed either hiding behind, in front of or even under Puppet Angel. The scene where the gang finds out he’s a puppet – David was saying his lines whilst crouching under the office desk for most of the scene. So now every time you watch Smile Time have fun picturing that!

  3. Joseph says :

    For some reason, Underneath just didn’t engage me emotionally. I can’t put my finger on it – maybe it was too much of a downshift from the last two. Anyway, I found myself making observations, such as:

    First, Gunn should be happy that Angel is over his pillow smothering phase, and just relies on guilt trips now.

    Second, Denisof and Acker are amazing. I don’t think many people could make their dialogue work, but they do. Also, I didn’t appreciate before that Wesley’s “joke” has an actual punch line (“they’re not that close”), but it does.

    Third, I have to imagine that Lindsey’s suburban life was a hell dimension for Derrick. Can you imagine Christian Kane trying to sell lines like

    “I walked worlds of smoke and half-truths, intangible.
    Worlds of torment and of unnamable beauty.
    Opaline towers as high as small moons. Glaciers that rippled with insensate lust. And one world with nothing but shrimp. I tired of that one quickly.”

    Fourth, I liked Lindsey in Season One, when he was a competent and driven lawyer, but now he’s just a whiny little baby man.

    Fifth, the kid is clearly Lindsey’s, not Gunn’s. He has floppy hair, he’s short, and he’s not that great an actor.

    That’s all I’ve got.

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