Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.14 “Smile Time”


Here is the podcast covering episode fourteen of season five “Why We Fight”

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Next, we will be covering episode fifteen of season five, “A Hole in the World” where there is a hole in the world that someone should have told us about.


4 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.14 “Smile Time””

  1. Cathleen says :

    A Hole in the World is the series perfect episode. I can’t fault it.
    Spike stabbing Angel with the sword to kill the bug, brilliant. Their Caveman & Astronaut fight is the best damn thing this episode does. Love the idea of them yelling at each other about something so pointless for nearly an hour. Seemed fitting for Angel to try ship Spike off to another branch we all know it’s not going to happen.
    Fred & Wes are an adorable couple. It surprises me how much chemistry they have despite the rush to get them together. “You Are My Sunshine” will never have the same meaning after the look on Lorne’s face and Fred collapsing. Love the scene of all the men rushing out of the hospital room and the way the camera spins around them as they reveal the extent of what’s happening to Fred and make plans to stop it. Heightens the emotions of how real this is.
    Gunn and the Gunn conduit – meh but I like him immediately willing to trade himself.
    Lorne punching Eve – loved it. Sounds like Eve’s been subjected to Lindsay’s singing.
    My only question I have from this episode is how quick they determine it’s Illyria. W&H have proven to be able to fast track their research but as we find out later there are thousands of Old Ones in the Deeper Well. How did Wes pick Illyria out of the bunch?
    Angel & Spike’s trip to the Deeper Well – OMG finally a Cordy mention! Angel’s sadness in those 3 words ‘I lost Cordy’ almost makes up for 2 episodes of pretending it didn’t happen.
    Gunn finding out he’s the reason Fred is dying is heartbreaking. Bloody Knox!
    Drogyn is the perfect character to reason with Angel & Spike. The fact he can’t lie leaves viewers with no doubt over what will happen if they save her. Choosing between thousands of lives and Fred – really like the way Angel decides hell with the world but then realises a second later he can’t do it.
    Amy Acker was perfection as Fred as she transformed through the episode. Opening scene with her parents didn’t feel necessary until she breaks down as she can’t remember her childhood toy.
    Fred’s dying scene with Wes – tears, tears and more tears. Then all of a sudden Amy Acker is back with new hair, make up and a change in voice – Fred’s gone, Illyria is here.
    Despite perfection, I rate this episode a smidge behind You’re Welcome at a 94 for the simple facts that we had 5 extra years knowing Cordy, Amy Acker isn’t going anywhere and You’re Welcome manages to bring the Angel series full circle.

  2. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    This felt more serious in tone than any normal Angel episode. And because I knew what was coming it became terribly depressing.

    Instead of Fred’s death being a moving tragedy it felt needlessly cruel on the audience.

    First, it isn’t clear that she is actually gone. On first watch I assumed that she would return in a future episode. It only slowly dawns on you that she really is gone. It robs us of closure.

    Second, pushing her and Wesley together seems like it was designed just so we’d have to watch him suffer.

    Third, this is the same way Cordelia went. Why did the show kill off its two female characters by demon possession? We didn’t like it the first time!

  3. Michelle says :

    Of course, it’s the most Joss Whedon thing to do to put an episode like this after an episode like Smile Time. It’s like, ‘you guys are having a good time? you guys are laughing? well..just you wait’. Sigh. this is one of my favorite episodes, but i still can’t get through it without some tissue, even after 4-5 times rewatch.

    My favorite moments:
    – when Lorne uncharacteristically wails on Eve, and him explaining that Fred had one told him that a lot of people would choose to be green. The fact that it’s Lorne who’s a pacifist just drives home exactly what’s at stake here. I think everyone on team Angel has disagreement on things, but the one thing nobody disagrees on is how much everyone loves Fed. Spike + Angel working together without bickering shows this as well.
    – When Fred struggles to get up and goes to the lab to work her illness. I like that they’re not making her some damsel that just lies there and waits to die while everyone tries to do stuff to save her, but that she’s actively fighting this and citing her Pylea experience in saying she’s a fighter and won’t go down easily. It made it made it all the more upsetting..

    I liked Joss’s choice of shooting the ‘planning in the lobby of W&H’ scene with the spinning. It gave an escalated chaotic feel of the whole situation and raises the tension. At the start of the episode when Fred first falls ill, you almost get a downplay of the episode. Everyone springs into action and you’re thinking, oh, this is one of the crisis episodes and Angel will be able to save Fred. And then more and more, throughout the episode, the stakes get upped and you realize, okay, maybe it’s not gonna be easy, or, oh, maybe she’ll die and they’ll resurrect her, and then gut punch, Fred’s dead..

    A few random thoughts followed by fun facts(they’re mostly from the commentary so chances are you already know them)
    – Amy’s blue makeup on her forehead – is that meant to be her getting sick her veins her showing, or bits of Illyria leaking through? I always thought it was the former but this rewatch made me realize it’s probably the latter.
    – Fred’s first and last words to Angel were the same “Handsome man saves me from the monsters’. Sad.
    – Eve chose the song that Lindsay sang at Caritas in S2 — I know that’s one of Derek’s favorite scenes 😛
    – Figenbaum is the name of a scientist who is known for his coining of chaos theory — it’s fitting that Fred would name her stuffed bunny something like that, it’s both geeky and cute and so very Fred.
    – Joss mentioned that Illyria is the name of the city in Shakepeare’s Twelfth Night and that it’s an allusion to that, since Amy and Alexis are his 2 Shakepeare reading party frequenters/superstars
    – They created Drogyn because they needed someone whose words Angel&Spike would absolutely believe since it is the decision between saving Fred versus letting her die. Joss thought about using Giles but between the cost of flying Tony Head over and his scheduling conflicts, they just decided to create Drogyn and give him this whole backstory where he couldn’t lie as one of his personality ticks
    – Before Fred died she asked Wesley to read ‘A Little Princess’ to her. Joss cites this book as one of his inspirations for creating Buffy. Coincidentally I started listening to the audible book recently. I don’t yet get how it’s Buffy related but it certainly reminds me a bit of Fred.

    Anyway, I really do hate the Knox character. It actually made me enjoy ‘Conversations with Dead People’ less on rewatch because it’s the same actor. I just can’t forgive him killing Fred!!

    And yeah, mentioning of Cordy from Angel to Spike kinda shoots my previous theory dead. I’m okay with that.

    Finally, regarding Robin’s comment about shoehorning the Wesley and Fred relatinoship. I do agree they definitely went overboard to get a reaction out of the audience, and behold their success! Cruel indeed. But I’ve always been a wesley/fred shipper each time i watch the series, and more so lately because of things like Much Ado — those 2 actors just have so much chemistry together. I know you guys have said that you feel like they haven’t earned the chemistry since the show tends to show it for one ep when and then drop it for a season or two and pick up again when convenient, I still have a soft spot for those 2. I guess they’re the equivalent of Buffy and Angel on Buffy, on Angel — star-crossed tragical lovers who could just never catch a break.

    Anyway, sorry for the long email. Most of it will probably be cut out but my brain doesn’t really filter =).

  4. Charlotte says :

    Not sure if we’re still doing spoiler-free so keeping my comment really brief, I thought this episode really benefited from the fact they knew they were getting cancelled – although I still wish that weren’t so, it did mean things got a lot of energy and ‘risk’ they wouldn’t have otherwise taken. Can’t wait for more!

    Knox’s ‘slip’ of the tongue was super-forced though 🙂

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