Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.13 “Why We Fight”


(Finally) here is the podcast covering episode thirteen of season five “Why We Fight”

You can download it here.

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Next, we will be covering episode fourteen of season five, “Smile Time” where Angel gets turned into a wee little puppet man.


3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.13 “Why We Fight””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    Kudos on the new sound quality. I didn’t really laugh at the puppet stuff. It was cute but samey. I’ve now forgotten what made Fred start liking Wesley again?

  2. Cathleen says :

    Smile Time will never get the same laugh out loud moments it did on first watch seeing the Angel puppet but as I still remember how great it was on the original viewing this episode is still very enjoyable. This has got to be the show’s best comedy episode. The wee little puppet man Angel is hilarious with his angry outburst at the TV remote, his hiding under his desk to avoid Nina and beating the shite out of Spike. Their fight was brilliant. Not at all believable that a felt puppet could inflict punches on Spike but it still works for me. Spike sure knows how to steal an episode in just one scene. “I’m made of felt and my nose comes off,” is one of the best quotes from the series. I adored the ‘power shot’ of the gang walking out of the office with the camera panning to puppet Angel. Wasn’t a fan of the spell taking a few days to reverse as I would’ve preferred the final Angel/Nina scene to be as himself.
    Speaking of, the Angel and Nina crushes kind of came out of nowhere didn’t they? It was good they brought back a character they’d already introduced who maybe had an interest in Angel but I feel like she’s been around the entire gang for months without us seeing or getting any mention of her and it felt forced how Team Angel are in complete agreement that Angel should make a go at it with Nina so soon after Cordy died.
    I love the final scene with Wes & Fred and they finally feel like they work together as a couple but how they got there was so confusing. Felt like the writers forgot that Fred had been aware of Wes’s feelings for her for a couple years now and that the writers just decided we’re nearly two-thirds through this season, ‘we gotta get them together already,’ and didn’t work through Fred developing feelings for Wes. We got her officially turning down Knox and then just been unable to tell Wes she likes him until the end. I almost feel like in some way the scene with Angel & Wes discussing if Angel can have a relationship with Nina would’ve worked better if Angel talked it over with Fred. Wes is much better at explaining that Angel won’t achieve perfect happiness with Nina but that moment that Wes talks about ‘when there’s someone out there,’ ‘you have to do something,’ would’ve felt better coming from Fred about Wes.
    Gunn, I like that they’ve made him make this choice to keep his lawyer powers but a deal like that will never work in his favour.
    I’d give it an 80/100.

  3. Joseph says :

    Looking back on this season so far, it’s been a very slow drive on the overall plot, but I’ve really enjoyed the offbeat one-shots like The Cautionary Tale, Harm’s Way, Why We Fight and now Smile Time. Which is to say that so far, the actual season arc hasn’t done much for me, but when the show cuts loose and has fun, I like it.

    Here, I really enjoyed puppet Angel and the puppet demons, and Smile Time had a good mixture of fairly creepy horror and absurd humor. It definitely doesn’t have the character and plot significance of Once More with Feeling, but it might be the Whendon episode I remember most fondly. (Although on the plot side, Gunn, Fred and Wes’s plots moved forward a little, and I guess we’ll have to see if Angel and Nina are a thing.)

    I think when we remember Wes, we were remembering this version – still personally clueless and patronizing enough to think that Fred might ask someone else to call her a car, but when he was talking to Angel, he really captured the loneliness and helplessness that a young pained nerd feels. (Or so I hear). And as much as I couldn’t stand schticky season 3 Fred, now that Acker has dialed her performance back, I have to admit that she is now irresistible.

    I really liked that doctor’s performance, and J August Richards sold his part well. It’s a nice bit of irony that upgraded Gunn can point out that the Smile Time guy wasn’t able to figure out the fine print in his contract – I doubt preupgrade Gunn was that good at it either.

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