Announcing Our Next Podcast Announcment


The episode on “Why We Fight” is still coming. (I couldn’t record this weekend because of work) However we are winding down on Angel and it is time to start planning for the next podcast. We are going to move on from Whedon and we’ve narrowed it down to two ideas (and three shows).

We are either going to do a complete rewatch of Veronica Mars, which I have see and William has not so it is going to be really spoiler-free. Or we’d like to do a podcast on Arrow and The Flash, rewatching both in chronological order until we (hopefully) catch up to present day episodes. We want your help in making the decision however. So we’ve included a poll.

Veronica Mars is a bit harder to find, no streaming service has it, but the complete series DVDs are available around $50. All of Arrow and The Flash can be found on Netflix. The winner of the poll might not be the next podcast but it’ll certainly help us decide.

The poll can be found at this link:


5 responses to “Announcing Our Next Podcast Announcment”

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    Great news that you plan to continue podcasting. And I like including the listeners in a poll. Democracy is a wonderful thing. One person, one vote. No special favours to “important” people. Absolutely. On an unrelated note I voted for Veronica Mars.

  2. Cathleen says :

    Put my vote down for Arrow and The Flash as I would love an excuse to rewatch both series as I’ve just gotten back into them this year after missing more than a season of both. But Veronica Mars is an excellent show and I kinda wish I could go back and rewatch it without knowing how all the mysteries turn out so that would be great to listen to the POV of a new viewer.

    • hausosdance says :

      Hey guys, I’ve not seen any of those series and I’d definitely be up for following your podcast (re)watch of any of them, but probably VM is my first preference… its a pretty close call though.


  3. yskitch says :

    I voted for Arrow/Flash…I stopped watching them mid-way in Flash season 1. Veronica Mars is an excellent show and I own it all so if you choose that I will be happy also, but that price-point for people who don’t own it is pretty steep. Either way, I am along for the next ride!

  4. ashlie says :

    Great idea. I’m down for either of these. I’ve not seen Veronica Mars but I’ve heard great things, so I’d give it a try. But I love the Flash! Have not seen Arrow…yet! lol

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