Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.11 “Damage”


Here is the podcast covering episode eleven of season five “Damage”

You can download it here.

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Next, we will be covering episode twelve of season five, “You’re Welcome” where Cordelia comes back!


6 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.11 “Damage””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    It was wonderful to have Cordelia back. I’m not sure if they planned it like this but it sort of felt like the whole Lindsey arc was there just to set up this episode. His return coupled with the use of Doyle’s name really worked to drive home the “back to basics” theme.

    This was emotive and powerful and should work supremely well to pivot the season. I wish Cordelia was still on the show but this utilised her as well as I can imagine.

    However…it feels strange to say this but was this a betrayal of Lindsey’s character? In earlier seasons it seemed like he represented humanity. That no matter how seducing the suit can be, there is still a conscience at work. Here his motives seem shallow and pathetic. Without a longer story to explore his return to the dark side I’m left feeling like he was sold out to service the plot.

  2. ashlie says :

    So, I did not remember the opening scene with Angel saying he can’t do it anymore, he can’t run Wolfram and Hart. That was totally new to me. I love Cordelia’s entrance! I love the lines “Cordy?”, “Yea, It’s me” Is like saying, yep the old Cordy is back. I like the mention of Connor.

    Oh did we really need a reference to Angel and Eve from Halloween? Ugh.
    I kind of like Spike playing video games. lol. I was never a Lindsey fan so I don’t like him here, either. I hate him using the name Doyle, how dare he. I love the old clip, seeing Doyle. It’s a good call back to the early mission of Angel. Wasn’t an early idea for the Lindsey plot suppose to actually be Doyle?

    I love the scene with Cordelia and Wesley researching, ah the good ole times! Haha, Lilah jr! I like Harmony hitting her, that was kind of funny. I like the reveal to the team that it’s Lindsey, and that Fred doesn’t know him. Cordy with the sword is great! Super powered Lindsey! Oh, I hate it.
    Fred’s look to Wes during the spell was…odd? I totally ship them, but that’s not an appropriate time Fred. lol.

    The final scene with Angel and Cordy is great. So Cordy says the powers owned her, but the doctors tell Angel Cordy never woke up. So the powers brought her back for a day without actually waking her up? I don’t care, I love it. This is definitely one of the best episodes of the season.

  3. Cathleen says :

    You’re Welcome is no question my favourite episode in the Angel series. It brings the series full circle and it’s incredible how they manage to make us feel so much in one episode. The return of Cordy is perfect. Charisma Carpenter commands her scenes in this episode like nobody has in the entire series. I always forget how much I’ve missed her in the first half of the season – okay since middle of last season when they destroyed her character! – but the way she is used here shows us exactly what has been missing from the team.
    The simple scene of Angel & Wesley seeing her at the hospital alone as to not overwhelm her is perfect. Cordy visiting W&H catching up with the gang, noticing all the small changes – Gunn has hair! – to the big changes – Connor who? The quieter scenes with Cordy & Wes researching to her scene with Angel where he explains why he is working for W&H – so much emotion that no other character can bring to Wes & Angel.
    The Doyle video call back is neatly done – every time Cordy says ‘first soldier down,’ I hate thinking on re watch that the show wants us to remember that before the ‘second soldier is down.’
    For once, I don’t hate Lindsey. The naming himself Doyle now makes sense. He just wants to hurt Angel in the feels with that one. Love Spike’s description of him. He hasn’t changed as much as he thinks. Except the powers he’s acquired. That was a shock on first watch.
    I love the team surrounding Eve. Harmony declaring she’s evil and wanting to torture Eve for the good of the team. The fact that the show had to purchase a pair of manolo blahniks just so Cordy could use their name to bitch out Eve.
    Do I actually sense a hint of chemistry between Fred & Wes during the spell?
    The sword fight between Lindsey & Angel is pretty epic. Though I wish Angel had taken Lindsey down instead of letting the Senior Partners take him.
    The monster in the tub in the only let down in the episode – seriously, what was it going to do to attack everyone? It looked too big to even escape out of the door to the chamber.
    The last scene between Angel & Cordy. Oh the feels! I never once shipped these two to be together as a couple. But when they admit they ‘missed their moment’ I felt so bad for them and wished they had have found a way to make it work. Cordy’s excuse for leaving never sits well with me but when it turns out she was never there, the PTB had sent her back for a day before she passes away in her coma – tears!
    The sad fact is they tell us in her first scene with Angel & Wes in the hospital. If you watch the scene before it with Cordy waking from her coma, the camera rushes into that side of the hospital room. When Angel & Wes enter the room, she walks over to the bed and pulls the curtain around the bed so they don’t see the patient and tells us that chick is in rough shape. We’re so excited that Cordy is back that we miss such a small important detail that she’s the one who might not make it.
    95 out of 100.

  4. Joseph says :

    This episode ties well into last week’s discussion. At this point in the rewatch, it really seems to me like the writers had a cool idea, but wasted the first half of this season.

    Wolfram and Hart has always represented the corrupt authority figures running Los Angeles and maybe the world. The idea that Angel and the gang would try assuming authority, and making the compromises that necessarily come with it, is interesting, but I don’t think the show ever delivered.

    They’ve told me several times that some of the gang thinks they’re arguably doing good, and some have more doubts, but what have they actually been doing for the last several weeks? Is it obviously evil stuff, in which case I have a hard time believing Angel, Fred or Wes would do it, or is it “lesser of two evil” compromises, in which case why don’t they show us any?

    I think they want us to think it’s like that episode 1 guy, where they can’t beat him up but they can make it hard for him to commit more crimes, but I probably needed more than one episode to get an idea of what they’re doing and why. Instead, we got the Spike ghost arc, which might be necessary to move him into the show, but now that it’s done, it seems like a waste of time. Plus Angel was surprised that the police tip him off as recently as a couple episodes ago, so what have they been doing?

    This episode is a little better because it has Cordelia being Cordelia and Angel being Angel, but it doesn’t hold up to much reflection. Angel was just going to quit without figuring out how it affected Conner? Lindsey set up that whole plan, then just scrapped it, because all he wanted to do was kill Angel?

    I agree with Robin that this episode wasted Lindsey. At his best, he was Angel’s Lex Luthor – smarter, better prepared, with an iron will that made him a threat. Here, he’s just a stalker with a crush on Angel and a bunch of quips. It would have been much more interesting to clearly set out that Lindsey was trying to take down Wolfram and Hart, and Angel was trying to protect it, but the show wasted it.

    But it was nice to see Cordy and Doyle.

  5. Joseph says :

    Also, assuming that Lindsey wasn’t lying, his plan was:

    1) Seduce Eve

    2) Get Spike’s amulet from the ruins of the Hellmouth and deliver it to Angel.

    3) Wait several weeks doing nothing.

    4) Send a box of light that corporealizes Spike.

    5) Set up the cup of torment race for Spike and Angel, but then put Sprite in the cup so they know it’s fake, instead of some magical special effect so they can’t be sure.

    6) Pretend to be Doyle and give Spike missions.

    7) Put a little manta ray on Angel that gives him bad dreams but lets him walk around.

    8) Put a bigger manta ray on him that knocks him out permanently.

    9) Then, when Cordelia wakes up, send Spike to kill her.

    10) Then, when that doesn’t work, try to release the failsafe.

    11) Then just fight Angel

    12) Profit!

    What a dumb plan. The worst part is that it’s so much WORK if the point is just to beat up Angel and ruin the SPs plans. There are so many pointless, unnecessary steps that it makes Jasmine’s plan seem simple and straightforward.

  6. Charlotte says :

    Horrible feeling I’ve missed getting my feedback in for this awesome episode!

    I was really mardy last week I know, but this episode being so great helps underscore all the problems I’ve had with the show recently. Not enough heart. It may sound silly but I really miss the characters. Not just Cordy, but Fred, Wes and in particular Angel. Gunn and Lorne too to some extent, although they’ve always been somewhat under drawn. This episode made me feel connected to Angel once again, and in part Wesley too, and makes me hopeful about our chance to re-engage with our erstwhile heroes.

    Some plot idiocies as others have highlighted – but so much joyfulness I can overlook those.
    Hitting on things that used to be part of the weekly narrative like research, spell work, field work, team work – banter and combat and meaningful looks (even if oddly inserted) – gah, I was in heaven. I can’t wait for this season to continue 😉

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