Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.10 “Soul Purpose”



Here is the podcast covering episode ten of season five “Soul Purpose”

You can download it here.

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Next, we will be covering episode eleven of season five, “Damage” where Angel and Spike face down a surprising new foe.


8 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.10 “Soul Purpose””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    This was some dark stuff and pretty enjoyable until Andrew showed up. His overt silliness spoiled the atmosphere.

    Did we really need the whole history of Slayers bit? Even if you are an Angel-only viewer surely you know the basics? Faith has been on the show already. I think they could have explained the Slayer-dreams idea without doing the whole speech.

  2. Cathleen says :

    Damage starts the strongest second half of an Angel season in my opinion.

    I liked learning what the Scooby gang have been up to since their show wrapped. This episode doing so by bringing in a deranged Slayer was a great idea and proves not all Slayers are prepared for such a destiny of saving the world.

    Knowing the show was going to introduce a Slayer as this is a rewatch, do I still enjoy seeing the subtle clues that Dana is a slayer? Yes. Do I wish it had been another Scooby member that came to W&H? Hell yes. Is Andrew over the top? Oh yeah. Did I enjoy Andrew’s reaction to Spike been alive? It was priceless. Was that scene of Andrew explaining to Team Angel about Slayers unnecessary? Completely. Did I raise an eyebrow at the realisation Spike had yet to tell Team Angel about Willow’s spell to activate all Slayers to their calling? Kinda an important detail to slip his mind. Did I smirk when Andrew said Giles had been wrong about Wesley? Totally. Am I expecting Spike’s hands to be sewn back on and working good as new next episode? Pfft sadly. Was it a surprise that Andrew was working under Buffy’s orders to get Dana away from W&H’s clutches? It was that he pulled it off but I still think bringing in Willow or Giles into Andrew’s role would’ve made a more stunning point that Buffy doesn’t trust Angel and W&H.

    Was I disappointed with the big cop out that it wasn’t Spike who tortured young Dana? Who wouldn’t be. He was a soulless monster at the time. Whilst I think killing a family and torturing their daughter to this point was more of an Angelus trademark it was believable to think Spike could’ve done the deed.

    Whilst I love this episode, the show just couldn’t bring itself to be as dark as it set this episode up to be.

  3. Joseph says :

    Soul Purpose: There were some questions in the podcast about what Lindsay and Eve are doing – it sounds like they’re trying to mess with the Senior Partners somehow. During the sexposition, Lindsey explains that “We keep building [Spike] up, and we tear Angel down. Pretty soon the senior partners are gonna start thinking they’re backing the wrong horse.” and then he and Eve exposit to each other that the tattoos and the runes on the walls are keeping Lindsay hidden from the Senior Partners.

    We don’t know what will happen if the Senior Partners decide that the prophesy is about Spike instead of Angel, but that seems to be the next phase in Lindsay’s plan.

    As for calling himself Doyle, it’s a stretch. I *guess* you could hypothesize that somehow, it will mean something to the Senior Partners that someone calling himself Doyle that they can’t perceive is guiding Spike, like it’s a ghost agent of the Powers or something, but that’s too much of a leap even for me, and I love hypothetical mythology.

  4. Joseph says :

    Damage: I stopped watching about a minute into the Andrew scene,when he sat down and talked over Wesley. At that point, it was apparent that he wasn’t going to stop talking, and his jarring presence took me out of the show. (Literally!)

    Until then, this was a solid episode. It’s striking how quickly this show can change tones. I’m not sure if that’s good because you get a lot of different kinds of episodes, or if it makes it hard to have a consistent season. Either way, this was a dark, moody, sort of procedural thriller. It was great to see Angel investigating instead of sulking (or in addition to sulking, I guess), and Spike’s “sorry, I don’t speak Chinese” was a nice callback. Gunn and Fred did a nice job developing the Wolfram & Hart situation.

    And then came Andrew. I can’t believe that a person like that exists, or that GIles would send him to get a slayer in distress. This is their frickin’ MISSION, and that girl needs HELP, and so do the citizens of Los Angeles, and they send this stupid collection of so-called “comedic” tics? GILES DOES? HE”S THE SMART ONE! SEND FRICKIN’ FAITH, or some other slayer, or Giles and six slayers.

    Unless we assume that Giles is now evil and sent Andrew in the hope that he would die, I don’t buy it. Well, I guess it could be a Machiavellian test to see whether Angel is now evil enough that he kills Andrew, but unless that pays off later this season, I don’t buy it.

    Supposedly, Joss and the other writers find Andrew hilarious, but he’s literally the worst. I would rather the Scoobies sent Lyle Gorch – at least he was occasionally funny. I would rather they sent Kennedy – at least she seemed like a person, albeit an annoying one.

    Andrew was the least characterized member of the nerd trio. Warren and Jonathan were annoying and sometimes shallow, but they seemed like characters. Andrew is a bunch of character tics, like a quickly forgotten less Saturday Night Live character. I don’t believe anyone acts like that, so I don’t believe in his motivations, so he breaks the story for me.

    In hindsight, this might be what annoys me about Season 3 Fred and about a third of the Spike episodes – at some point, all the shtick obscures the character.

    Anyway, this was a pretty long piece of feedback for an episode I didn’t watch. My recollection from first watch is that it was somewhat predictable after Spike got captured, and that I came out pretty angry at the Scoobies that they rushed to judgment about Angel and Spike. If you guys have concerns about two of your former companions, one of whom just went out and got a soul and then died to save you, maybe go talk to them. Sending Andrew is (1) not going to get you any useful information and (2) just an insult to Angel, Spike, and the viewers.

    • Joseph says :

      PS: I meant “lesser” Saturday Night Live character.

      PPS: There’s some thing kind of interesting going on in this episode where Joss’s fondness for tiny women kicking ass comes across a little differently from its usual rah rah feminism approach. There’s definitely a very gendered way that the various men’s reaction to the Slayer comes across, but on the other hand, she’s torturing and killing people who don’t seem to deserve it.

      Joss gets accused sometimes of espousing a sort of shallow, sometimes exploitative feminist aesthetic, and I’m honestly not sure whether the tone of this one adds tk or subtracts from that critique. The episode draws from some of the same power as the scenes where we watch Buffy or River Tam kick ass, but it ends up in a very different place than they usually do.

  5. hausosdance says :

    Okay, enough of the Spike show already. And I’m a Spike fan. But I’m so bored by now of the season having no heart. Our fang gang are now bare sketches – I know what none of them are thinking, and barely get the impression they have any kind of inner lives at all. Amy Acker now seems to be playing herself half the time rather than Fred. Who is Wesley now? What is Gunn now? At least now we know where Lorne is. Angel is so dull that it seems we’re trying to tell ourselves he’s depressed just to give the show some depth. With the rich world they have drawn in previous arcs and seasons, they could be doing SO MUCH MORE than just wedging Spike sideways into every story line like they’re just setting up their next spin-off.

    At least this week we didn’t have the excruciating agony of seeing Christian Kane try to act. In Soul Purpose (not Harm’s Way, as per the podcast title typo by the way, guys) Lindsey emoting furiously over the suffering caused by the ‘ice-cream headache’ sensations of his fake visions was almost as cringe-worthy as hearing him anxiously suck up to the puffily pompous David Boreanaz on the DVD commentary for the episode. Truly hideous. Not that anything can beat the utterly bizarre of the bed scene – why the hell nobody pointed out how god-awful it was before it was committed to print, I can’t imagine – its like everybody has just checked out at this point. Anyway, on to Damage…

    Meh. Some decent lines and fights. Some fun call-backs for long-time viewers, especially of the wider Buffyverse. I don’t mean Andrew – I have nothing to add to Joseph’s excellent points here. But its nice to have some reminders of the wider mythologies and moralities beyond just ‘ooh, grey area, Spike’s the new Angel, Eve’s the new Kate/Lilah/Gwen, Lindsey’s the old Lindsey, Cordy never existed’. I can’t wait for this season to start. Or end.

    • hausosdance says :

      EDIT: This:”Not that anything can beat the utterly bizarre of the bed scene” should be this:
      “Not that anything can beat the utterly bizarre bell-endedness of the bed scene”
      I think my spell-check didn’t know what to do with ‘bell-endedness’ so just deleted it 🙂

    • hausosdance says :

      PPS – It’s Charlotte by the way – I always forget my blog doesn’t give my name.

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