Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.09 “Harm’s Way”


Here is the podcast covering episode nine of season five “Harm’s Way”

You can download it here.

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Next, we will be covering episode ten of season five, “Soul Purpose” where Angel comes down with a mysterious illness.


2 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.09 “Harm’s Way””

  1. Cathleen says :

    Soul Purpose – This is a strange one. The entire episode was affected by David Boreanaz having just undergone knee surgery and he couldn’t do much walking so building an entire episode revolving around your lead actor laying about in bed getting attacked by a weird turtle-like bug…I can see why Harm’s Way was created so why not do another character focused episode with limited Angel instead of this? Despite the awful Angel storyline, the dorky humour of this episode works for me. Fred yanking random stuff out of Angel. His heart is a dried up walnut. Spike saving the world and turning it into a “beautiful, happily-ever-after, candy mountain place where all our dreams come true.” Spike being ‘made human’ by a fairy. Besides the dorkiness I rather enjoyed the Spike and Lindsey (not calling him Doyle) interactions. Ok the whole calling himself Doyle and acting like Doyle was so bizarre. Did Lindsey ever even meet Doyle? Or witness Doyle/Cordy having a vision so he knew what it looked like? Guess it’s a good thing Spike wouldn’t know either. I adored Spike yelling at the girl he rescued. Just when I think the show is trying to turn him into Angel season 1 helping the helpless he does it the Spike way. Decent directorial debut by Boreanaz.

  2. Joseph says :

    Soul Purpose, or What Lindsey Brought for the Man Who Has Everything:

    The good:

    – I guess I should like this episode. Right after I complained that I didn’t know how Angel and the Gang saw their relationship with Wolfram and Hart or Angel’s possibility of redemption, we got a whole episode sort of adequately explaining those points.

    – We got a lot of plot development, and on paper, the idea of Lindsey and Eve engaged in a life or death gambit to con the Senior Partners sounds like an interesting plot development. I thought Eve did a pretty good job manipulating Wesley and Fred by pushing some of their individual buttons – Wesley’s desire to run things and Fred’s desire to please.

    – Also, I liked Bear.

    The less good:

    – A little bit of zany Whedon-style dream writing goes a long way, especially on rewatch. By the midpoint of the episode, I more annoyed by than interested in the dream sequences. I felt like they could have accomplished everything they needed in the dreams in about half the time.

    – I’m still not sure that the Gang’s relationship with Wolfram and Hart has been explained well enough to make sense. Eve says the Senior Partners really want the relic analyzed, so Wesley and Fred jump to it without asking more questions? Wouldn’t they normally assume that something the Senior Partners want is bad, at least without further explanation?

    One line of dialogue about how the SP wanted to stop something worse than they are, or how Fred and Wesley want to analyze the relic so that they can decide whether to tell the Senior Partners and it would have made sense, but as it is, it just looked like they’re willing to do jobs for the Senior Partners without explanation, which seems crazy.

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