Here’s Where the “Lineage” Podcast Is…



So first of all we are still both alive and the podcast is still a thing. We just can’t get anything to work. We recorded two full podcast for “Lineage” and technical difficulties make both podcast impossible to post. (One has a weird buzzing sound and one is just a recording of my voice. I think we can agree no one wants the latter.)

So the new game plan is that we probably record a very tiny episode on thoughts on “Lineage” and hopefully record a full episode for “Destiny” in a week. So long story short, send in your feedback for “Destiny” and just pretend we’ve all watched “Lineage” together.

– Derek


6 responses to “Here’s Where the “Lineage” Podcast Is…”

  1. Cathleen says :

    Destiny – I loved this episode. I’m glad they explored Angel & Spike’s backstory and the moment they first met. They have such a long history together with Darla & Drusilla. The interactions between Angel, Spike & Dru in this episode did not disappoint. I really liked the decision to turn Spike corporeal was as simple as flash of light from a mysterious delivery. They’ve drawn out his ghost-like phase for a third of the season now and they could’ve made it incredibly complicated but instead they didn’t. And bonus for Spike walking into the doors. A lot of fans complained about Spike hooking up with Harmony immediately because of Buffy but to me this was completely in character for him to only think about what he wants in the moment. The magic cup storyline was quite silly and is seemed obvious to me that it wasn’t true. I’m sure if Angel had thought about it he would’ve realised that but Spike going off half-cocked and Angel racing to chase him was pretty funny. Their fight was pretty damn epic and felt to me like a real kickstart of how the season plays out. By the end of the fight I was surprised by how much I sort of wanted Spike to beat Angel. It seems like this will leave Angel continuing to question if he’ll ever be human. And after all that – Eve is in cahoots with Lindsey! He’s baaaaccckkkk! Can’t wait to listen to your thoughts on it.

  2. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    I’d still like to hear some comments on “Lineage.” And perhaps a quick comment on the feedback you received.

    As for “Destiny” the Spike-Angel stuff was very enjoyable. It felt like a bit of a remix of various fights/flashbacks we’ve seen before but I was more than happy to sit through it. I can’t wait to hear Derek’s excitement at the return of Lindsay.

  3. hausosdance says :

    I’m desperate to hear you guys talk about Lineage! I’ve never commented before but have listened to all your casts while doing a mammoth full Buffy-&-Angel rewatch-plus-podcasts this year.

    Lineage has several plot holes but overall it feels powerful to me with many moral issues raised (but not answered) including Angel’s unilateral decision to wipe knowledge and personal experience from the minds of all his friends (a similar approach to which we were all scathing about when a character on the sister show did it). You know what I mean. I hope!

    Wesley is at his sexy brooding best in this episode with his feelings for Fred seeming both clear (when he shoots his seeming-Father) and murky (when he abandons her gunless at the episode start and forgets she’s even there). This ambivalence in his character I find really intriguing.

    Spike seems a hit one-dimensional in this episode but I guess they wanted to foreground any potential comic relief to the serious themes and often dark content.

    Hope to hear from you soon, guys!

  4. hausosdance says :

    Sorry to keep clarifying – I was a commenter on the Buffy Rewatch years back, I’m referring to that when I talk about ‘how scathing we all were’ about a similar choice by a major character). I’ll hush now…

  5. hausosdance says :

    Re. Destiny.

    Meh. Some things that needed to be addressed, but not sure I’m thrilled about how they got there.

    Thank the GODS that the cup turned out to be fake – I was really cringing (cringeing?) at the seeming deus ex machina.

    However the whole ‘bleeding eye,’ thing going on at the office was still superlame.

    I kind of enjoy the whole homoerotic thing between Spike and Angel (Spangle?); its very overt and you do want to suggest that they just cut out the middlewoman and shag each other (yes I’m a brit and yes we say this).

    However in general they used Spike quite shamelessly as a plot device for Angel’s story which I wouldn’t mind so much (it is after all the ‘Angel’ show) if it wasn’t so out of character (or at least out of character-arc) for Spike.

    While of course Angel is a complete show away from its ‘parent show’ Buffy and should not live to serve that show’s stories (and of course Buffy had ended by this time), its probably the case that there is a fairly large amount of viewer cross-over. For them to spend so long redeeming Spike from his arguably ‘rapey’ ways on Buffy just to have him immediately launch himself on Harmony in a kind of ‘no consent required’ way, and then to punch her across the room when she starts to call him on it seems quite disturbing in an episode ostensibly about what a hero he now is with his soul, which he went to get on AFTER he tried to aggressively force himself on another woman (spoiler-free!). Whether Harmony is clearly dangerously ‘possessed’ or not should be kind of a moot point – he could have been a bit more measured in his response to her going at him (after all he hadn’t even done his fly up – although ‘self-preservation’ in that regard could perhaps be an excuse as to why he had to respond so aggressively). 😉

    For him to then comment to Angel about all the times he ‘put it to [Buffy]’ seemed wildly unlikely to me. His relationship with Buffy, while initially and primarily shown as being based on almost ‘mutually disrespectful sex’, had evolved into something that it seems they both perceived as meaningful, intimate and rooted in mutual trust. I genuinely don’t believe he would talk about her this way, competition with Tall, Dark and Forehead or not.

    I wonder if there was an issue of new writers contributing to this episode, as on top of the out-of-character Spike stuff, they had Fred repeatedly call Gunn ‘Gunn’, which she never does. Its always been Charles, particularly when addressing him directly as she is in these instances. I don’t see why that would change now that they’re not dating.

    Final point, was DB’s Oirish accent a bit more passable than usual?


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