Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.03 “Unleashed”


Here is the podcast covering episode three of season five “Unleashed”

You can download it here.

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Next, we will be covering episode four of season five, “Hell Bound” where Fred desperately tries to search for a way to save Spike.


2 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 5.03 “Unleashed””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    I found Spike’s haunting to be a bit humdrum and inconsequential. The use of the Panther’s black goo being a pretty shameless deus ex machina. However the production is certainly as good as its ever been. The effects / makeup / music were all excellent. Not something I usually focus on but there was a lot of effort put into this even if it didn’t add much emotion.

  2. Cathleen says :

    Hellbound – What can I say about this one? I liked most of the special effects and whilst it had the creep factor there was not one moment I was worried that Spike was going to end up in hell. The show didn’t hire James Marsters for several episodes. It didn’t have me at the edge of my seat on first watch and it definitely didn’t on rewatch. I did love the banter between Angel & Spike (Angel liking William’s poems, who knew?), These two just bring something extra to this show and it’s been a great change coming out of season 4. Kind of adore Spike & Fred’s friendship too. Locking up Pavayne at the end just makes me think if they do this to a lot of supernatural beings that they’ll get loose at some stage to wreak havoc on W&H.

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