Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.21 and 4.21 “Peace Out”/”Home”


Here is the podcast covering episode twenty-one and twenty-two of season four “Peace Out” and “Home”

You can download it here.

(FYI: The “Home” discussion starts at 44:22)

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Next, we will be covering episode one of season five, “Conviction” where Angel and gang get more than they bargained for in taking over Wolfram and Hart.


3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.21 and 4.21 “Peace Out”/”Home””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    I was always impressed with how ‘Angel’ reinvented itself each season. When the producers hit a creative cul de sac they always managed to find a way out. Season one began as a crime procedural with 3 characters. The show has expanded ever since and here we are – seemingly a legal drama set in a sky scraper.

    The show’s sense of humour is key to making all the contrivances work. It does seem impossible for the gang to simultaneously defend and attack the evil of L.A. And yet I’m intrigued to see it all play out.

  2. Joseph says :

    I wasn’t super invested in this episode. I liked watching the exposition, and watching Angel beat up Spanky and the mercenaries, and it’s fun to see Harmony. All the main cast did a really solid job with their acting, but I’m not engaged in the new plot yet.

    I’m affirmatively annoyed to see Poochy, I mean Spike, show up, and Eve’s attempts to make the gang uncomfortable through an attempt at sex appeal make me affirmatively uncomfortable. I guess they were going for a tiny blond like Buffy or Darla, but something about her face or voice make her seem like a fourteen year old playing dress up.

    I vastly would have preferred undead Lilah as the conduit, which also would have set up a messed up love triangle for Wesley.

    Angel first – we got the first view of the mail room guy, but shot so that we couldn’t see his head.

  3. Cathleen says :

    Season 5 – my favourite season of the series. Conviction was very much a setup episode so we could see where each member of the gang would fit in the new Wolfram & Hart world. I was definitely more invested in that side of the storyline than the evil client that the gang had to take down but not get sent to jail. Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more storylines where the gang questions their morals this season. I’m looking forward to it but not if it’s every episode. I loved the change in Gunn the most from the muscle to lawyer. This is probably one of the best ideas the writers have had for Gunn since he was introduced to the series 3 seasons ago and it’s about time they gave him another reason to be in the team. Not liking Eve. I’d be curious as to why the writers choose to go with a new Lilah Junior character as opposed to Lilah herself. Unless the actress wasn’t available I don’t see why Lilah couldn’t have played this role. I don’t like that Eve knows about Connor. Spike’s back. Let the jealousy between him and Angel begin.

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