Angel Rewatch Announcement


As you probably know we missed the podcast recording last week but we do have an announcement.

We will be recording a podcast for both of season 4’s final episodes so if you have any last thoughts on season 4, now is the time to get them.

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4 responses to “Angel Rewatch Announcement”

  1. cainimtruax says :

    Hey guys. I just had to jump back on the rewatch train for the wrap-up of season 4. Let’s just say I have mad respect for the hard work you two put into your podcast after my past few months.

    Here’s some thoughts on Peace Out

    Even though I’ve seen these episodes before jumping back into Angel with this episode is jarring. It made me think of how much this show transformed in just a few years. We started with a brooding hero in an Alley with a couple of wacky sidekicks. Now we have a brooding hero in a bad CGI mountainscape with 5 wacky sidekicks. Wait maybe we haven’t come so far after all. But still this episode is in no way welcoming to a new viewer or someone who had been away awhile but heard Gina Torres buzz and wanted to see what was up. No wonder Season 5 was very nearly on the wrong side of the bubble.

    So much of this plot is a mess. For one thing, there’s the whole issue of “Hey Jasmine is evil because haven’t you seen her face?” but my big question is this: For a debate to have any philosophical weight you have to be able to see both sides. Is there really anyone this side of Watchman’s Ozymandius who would take world piece and zombiedom for the price of a few 1000 lives every so often?

    A few bright spots.

    David Fury wrote this! He wrote a couple of great LOST episode so it was good to see his name again.

    Gunn kicking through the cage lock, while dumb, was gloriously dumb.

    Lilah’s return is a great “What the?”

    Those things alone and the fact that this Jasmine thing is finally done is enough for me to like this episode.

    Peace out!

  2. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    I thought the way they wrote Connor out of the show was definitely making the best of a bad situation. It never felt like the writers had a clear direction for his character and so this way Angel gets to provide for his son without us having to see him anymore. Win, win.

    Going to work at Wolfram and Hart makes no sense on many levels. These characters should no better than to place themselves in such a compromising and corrupt position. However it is such an intriguing idea. And such a welcome change of pace and location that I imagine most viewers are happy to hop in that limo too.

  3. Joseph says :

    Peace Out is a striking episode, and the high points are probably Boreanaz and Denisof’s performances. Angel’s reactions sell the confrontation with Connor, and Wesley’s reaction to Lilah saying “It means something that you tried” is my favorite moment.

    There’s definitely a feeling that we’re looking at a whole new show one more time – new characters, new plots, and a new setting. If you look at the comics, the Angel and Buffy writers like to tell a lot of different stories, and that has really shown in Angel. We’ve gotten the Batman expy of Season 1, the existential story of Season 2, the season long arc of Season Four, and now whatever we’re headed into in Season Five. It was great to see Lilah, and I’d love for her to stay on as the Gang’s Liason in Season Five.

  4. Cainim says :

    Home leaves me torn. It sets up an exciting new direction for the show but the way it gets there is far clunkier than I remember.

    I really hate Gunn’s introduction to his guide. It reduces his character and a strange feline encounter in the white room does not count as character building.

    And yes Wes it was sweet of you to try to free Lilah but I’m not sure this moment of grace redeems various messes you’ve made.

    When I first watched Home years ago I thought the row of books that could be any book was cool now it smelled of program budget reductions.

    And the ending is a convenient way to get rid of Connor and it’s tidy. But doesn’t this absolve Angel of any responsibility and duty for his son? Isn’t this an admission of defeat?. An acknowledgment that he can’t be a father? Does his final action prove his love?

    I don’t know. But at least it’s a deep question and Season five’s setup promises more.

    And Home is one of the best episode titles.

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