Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.14 “Release”


Here is the podcast covering episode fourteen of season four “Release”

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode fifteen of season four, “Orpheus” where… well things happen involving Angelus and Faith….


2 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.14 “Release””

  1. Ashlie says :

    Orpheus is my absolute favorite episode of Angel and would be top 5 if I include Buffy episodes. I just love everything in this episode, from the flashbacks to Willow, to the great interactions between Faith and Angelus. It’s all great in my opinion! I love that they brought Willow into help, cause really they should have contacted her the minute Angel lost his soul. Willow in this episode feels like the Willow that we love from the earlier seasons and less like the Willow that is in season 7 of Buffy. I love her interactions with Fred, makes sense they would get along and bond over research. If Cordelia wasn’t evil I would have liked the scene with Willow a lot more.

    I love 20’s Angel! He’s adorable and saves puppies! It great to have Faith and Angelus having to deal ith each other and not try to kill one another. A lot of great dialogue between them. One of my favorite moments is when Angelus is on the ground and then just rises up. It reminds me of old portrayals of vampires rising out of coffins, and that makes it more creepy but also great. It’s about time Connor got a proper beating! And I love that Faith is the one to do it. Cordelia is kind of right when she said that Faith cracked her whip and he liked it. He was in her “leather clad lap”. I just find that line to be funny for some reason. The ending is also very good, wrapping up Faith and Angel’s story and trying to reset the season, only for Cordy to reveal she’s pregnant. Ew! Oh and I love Fred calling out that it is “icky”. Indeed it is very icky!

    As for Release. I also love that episode. I’m with Derek, the opening scene with the shower is just powerful, and Eliza’s acting is great. I do love Faith banging the demons head in the bar and the bit about seeing if it’s made of candy makes me laugh everytime. Alexis Denisoff is also great in this episode. When he stabs that woman and yells at Faith, it’s great stuff. Wesley and Faith together are just amazing in this episode. I was never into the Fred and Gunn relationship, so I’m glad it’s over! Although I did feel bad that Fred kept blaming herself about Angelus coming in and stealing the books. I agree that Lorne is really just useless in this episode, only purpose is to give the information about Maury. Not much to say about the ending but I do like Faith throwing the knife into Angelus’ gut, and then just punching him repeatedly.

    Sorry this was so long, but the Faith episodes are just my favorite of s4 and it’s sad we don’t get more of her. or at least a better overall plot. At this point, we no longer have The Beast or Angelus, so to me that last episodes all just feel a bit late and rushed. I don’t remember liking what happens next until the last episode.

  2. Joseph says :

    Orpheus is a great episode. I think it lags a little bit during the magic duel scene, and there’s something off about the Evil Cordy performance, but everything else is great. I had forgotten how much I loved the flashback wigs, and 70s Angel deserves his own comic book.

    One thing that struck me on rewatch was the Wesley-Willow conversation. Before they got all jokey, it was really touching to watch Wesley try to open up. Also, Wesley has now had a plan 100% work, for the first time in quite a while. Is this the start of another level up in competence for him?

    A couple closing thoughts on Evil Cordy. Her hold on Connor is completely believable, and explains the boning – it’s a perfectly coherent, seriously evil plan, but it is really super disturbing, in a way I don’t enjoy at all, even in a show with horror elements. Maybe they could have played up the horror angle more, so that the viewers understood at the time that this was something horrible and wrong, rather than pretending that maybe this was just something Cordy decided to do in the moment.

    On a similar note, as I said, Evil Cordy just seems off. Maybe I’m just tired of quippy villains, or maybe it’s the performance – I’m not sure. Evil Cordy just isn’t interesting like Angelus or Vampire Willow, Hyena Xander, or a logical progression of the character in the way that Dark Willow was. Maybe it will make more sense when we learn about how she got evil, but without understanding that, it doesn’t tell me anything about Cordy and she’s not charismatic enough on her own to interest me without that angle.

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