Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.12 “Calvary”


Here is the podcast covering episode twelve of season four “Calvary”

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode thirteen of season four, “Salvage” where Wesley gets help to hunt down the escaped Angelus.


3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.12 “Calvary””

  1. Ashlie says :

    Season 4 is known as one of (if not THE) worst season of Angel. While the overall story arc is the worst I actually enjoy a lot of S4. I enjoy about half of the episodes. I like Lorne in Las Vegas, I like Spin the Bottle, and I love Gwen! I really wish we had more episodes with her. Cause I like the idea that she can jump start Angel’s heart (although I don’t think that works with dead shriveled up hearts). Angelus showing up is fun, and of course bringing back Faith is the best! Since Faith is my favorite character, I love seeing her escape out of prison in order to try and save Angel. Wes introducing her as “Faith, the vampire slayer” is a great moment. I love Faith putting Connor in his place. I think that the Beast was pretty cool but ultimately became useless, which is a problem. Faith and Wes working together is great. It’s unfortunate that this is the highlight of the season, but it’s such a great few episodes!

  2. Joseph says :

    Some comments on Calvary:

    1) I think the title is just some light wordplay, like Habeas Corpses or Long Day’s Journey. Calvary translates as “the place of the skull” and Gunn and Conner get a skull as the MacGuffin of the episode.

    2) In hindsight, I think Angelus’s filthy language works. He hates people who got emotionally close to Angel, which was pretty much only Buffy last time, but now it’s the whole gang. He says hurtful stuff in part because it’s Angel’s face saying it, and it damages their relationship, and in part because he’s trying his best to fracture the group. I think his constant sexualization of Fred such as his
    “nether regions” quote this episode, while gross, is also pretty effective at triggering both Gunn’s jealousy and Wes’s white knight complex. On the other hand, he doesn’t even bother being gross with Lilah, because Angel doesn’t care about her and because it won’t work.

  3. Cathleen says :

    Salvage – So glad that Faith is back! Like Lilah in Calvary she brings something incredible to the team and just takes over from the get go. Only Faith could do that. Loved her shutting down Connor. Faith’s fight with the Beast was pretty good. Wasn’t surprised when Angelus turned on the Beast. The Beast served his purpose for the season and there wasn’t much more I think they could’ve done with him. Looking forward to what’s shaping up as an Angelus-Faith showdown.

    Oh joyous we can talk about Cordy been pregnant – only one of the worst storylines of the series. With Charisma Carpenter been pregnant and obviously so most of the season I can see why the writers logically came up with the storyline involving Cordy sleeping with Connor. They had just completed a season where Angel had a miracle baby with Darla, he couldn’t possibly do that again. The writers had been busy brewing the Fred-Gunn-Wes triangle for over a year, couldn’t break that up. Lorne would never have worked. So do they bring in a brand new character for her to hook up with or do they get her to hook up with the only available male character on the show? Just because I can see the logic in it doesn’t make the storyline work. I would’ve preferred the next best option all season long which would’ve involved telling the directors each week to show Charisma from the chest upwards and make sure she’s standing in front of something if they have to do a long shot. Who knows, maybe they tried that for two to three episodes, realised it was never going to work for a whole season and gave up when a bright spark in the writers room suggested a better storyline would be pissing off Angel by creating a Angel-Cordy-Connor love triangle!

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