Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.11 “Soulless”


Here is the podcast covering episode eleven of season four “Soulless”

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode twelve of season four, “Calvary” where the gang scrambles to find Angel’s missing soul.


2 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.11 “Soulless””

  1. cainimtruax says :

    Calvary? So that’s a biblical reference right? Why this? Is there anything about sacrifice in this episode? Are we supposed to think Lilah is being sacrificed? Is she dying to absolve the Angel crews sins? That makes no sense. So what do you guys think the title means? Did they just misspell cavalry?

    Some nice acting from Alexis Denisoff in this episode. He’s given a thankless task of playing a creep but does some subtle work here. Note the way his posture and tone changes when he is hitting on Fred and is interrupted by Lilah. Nice stuff.

    And if this is her finale I have to applaud Stephanie Romanov. Lilah was the only 3 dimensional lawyer to come out of Wolfram and Hart. Sure the writers did a better job with her than the others but only an actress of her calibre could make us care about Lilah.

    Last gripe, didn’t we get enough Angelus taunting Our heroes 1 by 1 last week?Felt like padding.

  2. Cathleen says :

    Absolutely love the return of Lilah in this episode. She brings a whole new dynamic to Team Angel and though I knew it couldn’t last it was a refreshing change. Lilah provided the shake up the gang needed. Loved her verbal sparring with Angelus and the fact she had the idea to release Angelus and sick him on the Beast. So just like that Gunn & Fred are over, they finally didn’t-really-have that conversation that’s been coming since the end of Supersymmetry. I think the show mishandled just how long they dragged out the end of their relationship but to be fair it’s probably only been like a week in the Angelverse since that episode. I kinda liked Wes starting to own up to the fact he’s not sorry about the break up. Cordy’s visions this season really just feel like they are there to fix things the gang needs help with. I didn’t mind the fake out with the spell not working and Angelus’s soul not been returned. Even though it seemed ridiculous that a spell like that could be powerful enough to re-ensoul a vampire. It led to the entire gang getting duped by Angelus, the double-back to go after the gang and the great chase he made to kill Lilah. Too bad Lilah didn’t see Cordy coming with the Beast’s knife. Do you think Cordy’s evil or just really unhappy with how perfect Lilah’s addition to the gang was?

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