Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.10 “Awakening”


Here is the podcast covering episode ten of season four “Awakening”

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode eleven of season four, “Soulless” where the remaining members of Angel Investigations try to get answers from Angelus.


3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.10 “Awakening””

  1. Cainim says :

    Nice to see you guys are still doing quality work. It’s been awhile so of course I have 3 questions for William and Derek about Soulles
    1. This may have been the first Angel episode I ever saw. I was watching the waning days of Buffy and finally gave in to a friend’s insistence that Angel was really good. Soulless made a pretty good jumping on point. You got the best villain from the buffyverse and nice character beats for all the important players. If this is your first introduction to the Fred-Gunn-Wesley triangle it’s pretty easy to take it as plausible and Gunn feels like a barrier to true love. Watching on re-watch these character beats feel like a reinvention to set up dramatic events to come. So the question, can episodes of a show like Angel particularly those of a serial nature be judged out of context? Would this story or any other be better if the surrounding episodes were ignored?

    2. Angelus is at his best in this story. Creepy and mean but also smart, manipulative and focused. These are all traits that Angel has demonstrated at times himself. That got me wondering…would Angel be the Champion he is if a different demon had taken over Liam?

    3. What in the world was Cordelia doing going down to chat with Angelus as his soul was fetched? She just in a taunting mood?

  2. Joseph says :

    Soulless was good – it’s easy to forget how much Boreanaz enjoys playing Angelus. Denisof also did a really good job selling the threat, and everyone else was on point as well . . .

    . . . except maybe for Charisma Carpenter. I’m disconnected enough from Cordy that I’m having trouble judging her performance. It’s pretty apparent that all of the characters think that boning Connor was a huge mistake, including Angelus, but nobody seems to think that it was out of character for Cordy, which is weird.

    The Cordy plot might have worked a little better if she and the other characters had called out that she was loopy from her time as a higher power. I’m not sure if it could work, but if she was still connected enough that she couldn’t tell when the Powers wanted her to do something and when it was just her id talking, it would at least have had a chance.

    For what it’s worth, my read on Fred is that she isn’t leaving Gunn because of Wesley, exactly. She’s attracted to both Wesley and Gunn, and she’s pulling away from Gunn, but those are two separate things. I still think she’s try to put several months between them, if she got together with Wesley at all, but she’s drawn to him all the same, and Gunn can see it.

    Two last points:

    1) I honestly thought the Wes-Gunn fight was going to turn out to be some kind of deception to manipulate Angelus, but I guess not.

    2) What do people think happened to Files and Records? Did she turn into zombie, and if so, was she constantly reciting records at people as she tried to eat their brains? It would be pretty awesome if the Gang resolved one of their researchers by rescuing zombie Flo and questioning her.

  3. Cathleen says :

    Soulless – Really loved this episode. Nice to see how things are turning out in LA with the sun been gone. Still never going to understand why it could only affect one city and was due to extend outwards at some point. Would’ve been nice to see something in the Angelverse affect the Buffyverse without a crossover. Great to have Angelus back and he hasn’t missed a beat in manipulating the people who care about Angel. David Boreanaz as Angelus is the right amount of creepy, smarmy and pure genius. Not surprised Angelus spilled the Connor/Cordy-beans. I would’ve expected Cordy to attempt to explain why it happened but I guess there’s no explaining character assassination without the writers admitting that’s what Season 4 has done to Cordy so far. The Angelus/Fred/Gunn and then Wes scene was done well. It was still tense even though we all knew Angelus was going to attack one of the gang and Fred was the logical choice. And the show selecting Gunn to make a mistake in throwing down the crossbow to attack Angelus for Wes to come in and rescue Fred was also a logical choice. Cordy – making deals with Angelus and attempting to sacrifice herself, she’s lost her bloody mind! Who saw the “cliffhanger” ending coming? Oh just everyone then. Thought so!

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