Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.09 “Long Day’s Journey”


Here is the podcast covering episode nine of season four “Long Day’s Journey”

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode ten of season four, “Awakening” Wesley brings in a dark mystic to help fight the Beast.


3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.09 “Long Day’s Journey””

  1. Joseph says :

    Awakening: I thought this episode was pretty good. The writers tried something new for the show, and it mostly worked.

    I was spoiled the first time I saw this, but I suspect that if I had seen it clean, it would have fooled me for a while. Yes, finding a weapon that you’ve never heard of but is the one thing you need to beat your enemy and just happens to be buried under your feet is a little cheesy. However, given that Buffy is about to go through that exact plot unironically, it’s not really that implausible.

    The only thing that’s really implausible is that Angel would resolve the season arc in Episode 10, so I probably would have figured out the twist around the time Connor joined the fight. Until then, I thought the writers did a good job not making the misdirect too obvious, but also not cheating.

    After Connor joined the fight, the episode got more and more heartbreaking. That’s all Angel wants – for people to like him, and to be in a happy family, and to bone a hot champion once in a while. Is that so wrong?

    (PS – that’s what I meant by Angel’s idea of redemption. He doesn’t really believe in a big victory and prize anymore, but he believes that almost anyone – him. Faith, Wesley, Gunn, the Hyperion – can stop doing evil and start doing good.

    If we believe Lilah that Wes is now too stained to go back to Angel Investigations over a little baby kidnapping and Lilah-boinking, then we’d have to believe that Angel was too stained as a result of Season Two’s lawyer killing and attempt to commit suicide-by-Darla, even if it released Angelus. But of course, we believe Angel – Wes can’t undo the things he has done, but there’s always an opportunity for him to start adding more white.

    (Of course, absent some therapy, Wes is always going to be gray because in addition to being a caring person who wants to help people, he’s also a self-centered, arrogant douche. That wasn’t Lilah’s point, but I think it’s more accurate.))

  2. Cathleen says :

    Awakening – I don’t mind this episode despite on re-watch knowing that it was all just a vision. On first watch I definitely fell for the dream sequence. I remember thinking that it was pretty easy and convenient the way the gang dispatched of the Beast and it was strange to get rid of the Big Bad half way through the season but when it got to the scene with Angel & Cordy sleeping together I thought well Angelus will be back and he’ll be the Big Bad for the rest of the season – how do they make this different to the second half of Buffy Season 2?…and nope, wrong – dream sequence! On re-watch this episode doesn’t work quite as well but is still enjoyable. The quest for the sword moved the episode along but seemed more of a ploy to get Angel, Cordy & Connor all together so Connor could get jealous of Cordy & Angel and Cordy could make up some crap excuses to Angel as to why she slept with Connor so he would forgive her. So Angel envisions losing his soul by achieving ‘perfect happiness’ with Cordy only to roll over and say ‘Buffy’? So Wo-Pang does some mojo, Angel has a dream and now he’s Angelus – that’s all that happened in this episode. Props to David Boreanaz for his maniacal laughter into the credits – that was creepy.

  3. Joseph says :

    How is Wo-Pang planning on getting out of the cage?

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