Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.08 “Habeas Corpses”


Here is the podcast covering episode eight of season four “Habeas Corpses”

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode nine of season four, “Long Day’s Journey” where Gwen returns and Angel Investigations learns more about the Beast’s plans.


4 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.08 “Habeas Corpses””

  1. Eric says :

    I like this episode overall. The nonsense between Cordelia and Connor doesn’t bother me nor does the tension between Wesley and Gunn because I choose to ignore them. Otherwise everything was enjoyable.

    I like that the Beast went to Wolfram and Hart and wreaked havoc. It is great to see a big bad off the chain like that; it really gives a sense of his power.
    Connor was good in this episode. His time at Wolfram and Hart is how He should he portrayed in the show, serious and dangerous.

    The zombies were ok. What I liked is how the gang isn’t really intimidated by them. They have seen scarier things than Zombies. Angel especially couldn’t have cared less. It was great how he kept tossing Gavin around.
    Best part is when Angel kicks Cordelia out. I don’t think its petty or spiteful of him; i think she crossed a line and it cant be overlooked.

    This is my first feedback post. I am finally current on the podcast and I hope to post more in the future. I enjoy the podcast and I appreciate the you you guys put into it. Thanks.

  2. Joseph says :

    Long Day’s Journey:

    Oh no! Now owls will deafen the gang with their incessant hooting, and Angel Investigations’ sundial will be useless! I want no part of this project!

    Overall, while I thought almost every part of this episode was good individually, they didn’t quite come together.

    I really liked: reintroducing Gwen, her superhero lair, her shaman client, Connor’s brief slow mo fight against the beast, the gang’s slightly longer fight, and the way the show played with the possibility that the gang might succeed, only to let the Beast win again. It’s also a pretty good ending to tease us with Angelus. With one, better off forgotten exception, this show has avoided going back to Angelus, so although I’m not sure what Wesley meant at the end, it’s exciting.

    I also liked Gunn’s scenes a lot. Wesley and Fred don’t do much, so it’s more of a point than a triangle, but Gunn’s frustration at being sidelined is very engaging, whether it’s in the relationship or in the gang as a whole. It’s a little bit meta, but the show has finally found a workable hook for Gunn, and that it’s that he resents the position the writers have put him in. (I guess as a comparison, Lorne doesn’t WANT to be the star of the show, and Wesley is the star of his own show, taking place mostly in his mind.)

    I was OK with Connor and Manny in this episode. Not super excited, but they didn’t annoy me, which is an accomplishment.

    I’m still not interested in Angel’s romantic situation, or in Cordelia at this point. And I wasn’t really convinced by the gang’s reasoning that Manny’s death had to be an inside job. How do they know what the Beast’s powers are? Just this episode, it displayed a bunch of new ones. It can come back from portals, and based on the opening scene, it has that Walking Dead zombie power where when it’s not in the frame, it can’t be seen or heard. (Seriously, if a seven foot rock demon can find and get right behind the shaman in the middle of an open field without anyone noticing, who’s to say it can’t locate and sneak up on Manny?) And I don’t believe Angel is behind the killing – the show would have handled the reveal much differently if the Beast was using Angelus.

  3. Joseph says :

    PS – Isn’t Lilah’s “grey” speech the exact opposite of what Angel is all about? It’s nice to place her in such contrast to Angel, but if Wesley or the audience believes it, doesn’t that mean we don’t believe in Angel’s ability to redeem himself, or others?

  4. Cathleen says :

    Long Day’s Journey – One of my faves from this season. Loved that they brought back Gwen and how sketchy she was about not telling the truth about what she saw the Beast do to her client. I didn’t care for Angel using Gwen to try and make Cordy jealous. Manny was a little bit of fun. Too bad they couldn’t keep him alive. I like that they tried to make it as obvious as possible that it couldn’t have been the Beast and that it was an inside job. They moved on pretty quickly from the murder mystery they started building with the need for the gang to try to stop the Beast from getting rid of the sun. I loved the Connor-Beast slo-mo fight sequence. The gang’s fight sequence with him was pretty decent too. I like that everyone had a role in fighting the Beast except for Cordy babysitting the injured Connor. I loved that the Beast went into the portal, the moment of the sun continuing the be wrapped up by darkness as the gang think that they’ve beaten the Beast but didn’t stop his plan before he pops back up again. Getting rid of the sun – pretty snazzy plan from the Beast. I liked the twist at the end that ‘the answer is among you’ is the one of them that isn’t technically there in Angelus. Ending the episode with the possibility of Angelus returning to help them fight the Beast was a great cliffhanger. The Angel series has played with the idea of turning Angel back into Angelus a couple times but this time feels like they will really bring him back as the gang is out of options to destroy the Beast.

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