William’s Review – 4.03 “The House Always Wins”

The Good

There were a lot of little moments to like here. I like a lot of the smaller jokes or sight gags. Fred winning at black jack over Gunn, the Blue Man group joke, Fred trying to distract the guards where examples of moments that at least made the episode watchable.

I was happy getting Lorne back. I liked his musical numbers and having his energy back in the group. It was especially good seeing him interact with Fred and Gunn. We don’t always get to see the chorus of the group interact without the big three (Angel, Wes, Cordelia). And I think they had the best scenes in the A storyline.

The Bad

I was not a fan of Angel bragging about his previous time in Vegas. For some reason this felt pretty out of character. I couldn’t tell if he was just humble bragging or what the writers were trying to get across. Mostly it felt pretty forced and tacked on. I’m a fan of referencing Angel’s past whenever they can, but this felt strange and un-Angel like. It would be different if it was coming from a character like Spike which we’ve known to have the sort of ego boosting bragging.

I wasn’t invested in the main storyline here. Mostly the trappings of being in Vegas were just a nice idea more than having any effect on me. Also having Angel be unlike himself at the beginning and then zombie-fied through half of it definitely had me less invested.

The Unknown

Cordelia is back, but her memory is gone. It’s frustrating going backwards with a character. At the same time I’m happy to get the gang back together. I certainly like the idea of getting her back over her being stuck as a floating head.

Favorite Moment

I ended up enjoying Angel watching Connor more than I probably should have. It was nice getting a better sense of Angel’s concern for Connor. Nothing new for Angel’s personality, but I like Dad keeping an eye on his son. I also like the promise or hope that they have an idea of where to go with Connor. Him telling that Vampire that he doesn’t know what he is yet gave me the sense that the character is getting some perspective on himself or is at least in a place of trying to discover himself.

Bottom Line

This felt very much like a filler episode. I had hopes that the road trip nature of the episode would make it more enjoyable, but at it is I felt myself feeling pretty apathetic through out.

56 out of 100


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