Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.02 “Ground State”


Here is the podcast covering episode two of season four “Ground State”.

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode three of season four, “The House Always Wins” Angel, Fred and Gunn take a vacation to Vegas to visit Lorne.


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One response to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 4.02 “Ground State””

  1. Cathleen says :

    The House Always Wins – Love a good road trip story. This one didn’t disappoint. Gunn has tried getting Angel to go to Vegas previously so it was good to see it play out and a good excuse to bring Lorne back into the storyline. Gotta love Lorne taking to the stage at a popular Las Vegas casino and the audience thinking it’s a costume. Props to Andy Hallet and his singing! The idea of the casino stealing people’s futures seemed a predictable storyline about the Sin City but the show pulled it off. The idea that people could literally buy someone’s future for themselves was cool. Dark but cool. Casinos will do anything for money hey? Angel adding his two cents to everything about his previous trips to Vegas was a tad out of character but it still worked. Who doesn’t want to hear about Elvis’s wedding? Fred dressed up as a Lornette and her bad acting scene about the demon metamorphosis monster that attacked her – it kills me every time – love it! How many actresses can pull off really terrible acting on purpose? Cordy’s back – yay. Cordy’s back and doesn’t know who the gang are – just another writers idea to keep her and Angel apart…

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