William’s Review – 4.01 “Deep Down”

The Good

I thought this was a very solid start to season 4. Normally a time jump forward in time bothers me, but it was nice playing catch up with our characters after a 3 month hiatus. As long as the way the character’s change feels natural than I have no problem with them moving forward a bit. On first watch I remember feeling a bit unhappy with how the Fred and Gunn relationship felt rushed together, but on Rewatch I’ve seen they’ve done a pretty good job at keeping that relationship feeling natural.

The dream sequences/hallucinations were a nice way to keep Angel and to a small extent Cordelia in the episode. I also liked how they haven’t really done something like this on the show. Yes all three moments follow a similar pattern, but it was kind of like Angel being tortured. The first one really set up the premiere pretty well. I like the talk about family and seeing Angel’s ideal dinner. Even including Wesley in that was interesting. Once it goes into the dark turn I really enjoy the use of lighting giving it that underwater feel. Connor saying “freeze the moment” was also very chilling. (sorry bad pun). The second sequence was also pretty interesting. For a hallucination this really did feel like how Cordelia would have responded in that scene. It is kind of bold to not only take away that relationship at the end of last season, but then rub salt in the wound with this scene. I enjoyed the third scene in the same way I enjoyed the others. Getting to see Angel’s ideal and then how it gets turned interested me. Also seeing Angel use the exact Angelus neck snap on Connor that he used on Jenny Calendar in Buffy hit me pretty hard.

Ooo boy Lilah and Wesley. So definitely sexy and the way that relationship pushed forward was interesting. They have oodles of chemistry and I love the way they play off of each other. Individually I liked both of their storylines. Lilah showing that even though she may have feelings for Wes she is still that evil cut throat. They really did a great job of showing who Linwood really was and I liked Lilah getting to be the one that called him out and take him out. Wesley’s story was equally as interesting. Dark Wesley just makes for enjoyable television. Seeing him battle with his own darkness and flaws was great. It is crazy to think about how much he’s changed as a character.

The Bad

Nothing as such.

The Unknown

Lots of set up for the season and I’m unsure what to make about floating head Cordelia.

Favorite Moment

Angel’s speech to Connor was great. Again I love reaffirming the mission statement of the show. It was another variation of the “if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do.” There’s a nice tension on the scene because it still wasn’t clear what Angel was going to do to Connor when they met up again. Still it was a great way to end the episode by Angel reminding us of the hero he is and hopefully the hero Connor can become.

Bottom Line

I liked this a lot. I know a lot of this was set up, but I liked getting back to Angel after a long break. This might have been the best season opener since the pilot.

Score: 69 out of 100


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