Angel Rewatch – Podcast for Season Three


Here is the wrap-up podcast covering all of season three.

You can download it here.

Please leave feedback by commenting on the post here, emailing the or sending a voicemail to 206-203-3276. And please leave a review on iTunes.

On October 26th, we will be covering the first episode of season four, “Deep Down” where Fred, Gunn and Wesley search for the missing Angel.


One response to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for Season Three”

  1. Cathleen says :

    Season 4 – let’s dive in, this might be a long season!
    Deep Down – Props to the writers for showing us the effect of a vampire that doesn’t get to feed. The hallucinations were a great touch, showed us that if it came down to it, Angel could be capable of feeding on the people he loves to survive. Love that it was Wes that found Angel, he wants to help the gang but doesn’t want them thinking that he’s after forgiveness. Lilah and Wes, so wrong yet so right! Fred & Gunn are just adorably right for each other. Connor staying at the hotel with Fred & Gunn, didn’t see that coming after the end of season 3 but I guess with Cordy gone and Justine locked up by Wes he didn’t have too many options did he? Can’t believe he managed to fake caring about Angel’s whereabouts without Fred & Gunn having a clue for months. Yay for Angel throwing Connor out of the hotel on his return. Should’ve smacked him in the head too. Big floaty Cordy-head…hmmm did not see that coming.

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