Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.20 “A New World”


Here is the podcast covering episode twenty of season three “A New World”.

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode twenty-one of season three, “Benediction”, where Connor “helps” Angel Investigations and Justine discovers that Holtz is back in town.


2 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.20 “A New World””

  1. Cathleen says :

    Hi guys,

    A New World – this episode felt easy for me to break down.
    Loved the opening scene fight and the imagery of Angel nearly running out into the sunlight after Connor.
    Loved Angel’s reaction to Connor telling him his name is Steven.
    Loved Angel taking the bullet for Connor.
    Liked Groo’s move from being petty to snarky over Cordy’s obliviousness to her feelings for Angel.
    Liked Lorne’s mystical guru who kept disappearing. They didn’t overplay it.
    Liked Wesley & Lilah’s interaction. It gives Wesley a purpose to stay in the show without finding a way to force him back into Angel Investigations too soon.
    Hated Holtz’s old-man-been-through-hell makeup.
    Strongly disliked…everything else. The episode spent so much time driving the point home that this world is a bit hell-like for Connor with all the dangers of this world with drugs and guns instead of the demons Angel has fought since day one of the show because demons shouldn’t scare him if he survived what we can only imagine Quor-toth was like. Connor’s in this world for less than a day and already finds a girl who likes him. Meh. Connor’s lack of personality shown in this episode – double meh.

    Benediction – Holtz’s discussion with Connor was interesting. Holtz telling Connor he knew Connor would end up seeking out Angel to find out if he was like him. Nicely parallels an adopted parents speech to their adoptive child wanting to find their biological parents. But Holtz let his guard down by then warning Connor about Angel and reminding Connor what he has taught him. Gives a glimpse to Holtz’s plan – allow Connor to get close to Angel then find a way to drive them apart again. I liked Groo and Lorne’s talk and Groo knowing in his heart Cordy wasn’t going to ask after his whereabouts. He’s graceful in that acceptance. Lilah bringing Wes to the bar to watch Justine being attacked by vamps – I like that she calls it straight away that Wes needs to think about if he should warn Justine or leave her to die. Angel & Connor’s play-fighting in the alley – drives home that Angel has missed so much of Connor’s life. Cordy’s powers – plot device to do whatever the show needs them to do at this point. Holtz’s final plan to make Connor believe Angel killed him – very dark and I’m intrigued to see what Connor will do.



  2. Joseph says :


    – Overall, a good episode, and like most, Boreanaz is good enough to carry it over any clunkers. I do spend every Holtz scene wishing they had just decided that humans don’t age in Quartoth or something, rather than Emperor Palpatine-ing him.

    – I love the details in Wesley’s apartment. Somehow, the microwave dinner with a bottle of wine, and the completely blank computer desktop with a single icon in the center of the screen are both hilariously over the top and work really well. The battle of wits between Lilah and Wesley is also really heating up.

    – Connor running down the street was the first time I really cared about him as a character. It was great physical acting, and it hammered home the tortured Marvel superhero character that he basically is. By the time he said “Angelus,” I didn’t care again. I think his scenes would have been more effective if they had been a little more over the top with his pathos, or if Kartheiser had Boreanaz’s gift for understated melodrama. Connor is a very sympathetic character, and Vincent K is a good actor, but he’s not quite selling it.

    – Speaking of the difference between selling a performance, let’s talk Gru and Riley one more time. To be fair, Riley got more interesting when he figured out Buffy didn’t love HIM, but he still wasn’t as interesting as Gru. Some of it is that Gru is funny, but he also just sells the performance better than Riley did in what is basically the same story line.

    – I don’t know what to make of Cordy. Sometimes, she seems like the perceptive grown up of the group, but she seems completely unable to accurately understand or respond to romance. She’s gotten Angel’s feelings for her, Fred’s feelings for Gunn, and Gru’s feelings for her gobsmackingly wrong. I guess if I believed her character was 20 years old, I might cut her more slack.

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