Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.18 “Double or Nothing”


Here is the podcast covering episode eighteen of season three “Double or Nothing”.

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode nineteen of season three, “The Price”, where Angel Investigations has to deal with a bug infestation caused by Angel’s spell to make Sahjahn’s corporeal.


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2 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.18 “Double or Nothing””

  1. Cathleen says :

    Hi guys,

    The Price – I liked the first scene of the episode – it felt like the whole gang were coming to terms with loosing Connor by re-painting Angel & Connor’s old room. It was a continuation from the last scene of Double or Nothing. I loved Angel & Cordy’s talk where they both started revealing how they feel over Connor been lost and what happened whilst Cordy was on vacation. These two really know each other. Cordy telling Fred that she won’t speak to Angel about Wes answers the question hanging from the previous episode over her reaction to what Wes did, though I felt a confrontation between Cordy & Wes would’ve been important. I felt for Groo when Cordy started going on about Angel been her priority but the way he turned away pouting, he reminded me of everyone’s “favourite” character, Riley Finn, when he always pouted over Buffy been stronger than he was. I didn’t like Groo reminding me of him. The monsters of the week – glow in the dark slugs, I didn’t mind them. It was interesting seeing the gang been trapped by them. Gavin tricking Lilah to get help for Angel Investigations slug infestation – I’m starting to like him. Gunn going to Wes for help was the right move. We could see how hurt he was, and deservedly so, when he nearly didn’t help them but the fact it was Fred still keeps that so-called ‘triangle’ bubbling along for the writers. The final scene = brilliant! On rewatch we all knew Connor would return but I still enjoy the look of shock on Angel’s face. Connor grew up fast and he is looking for revenge!

  2. Cainim says :

    The alcohol solution made no sense.

    Who cares?

    Cordelia hides her hair.

    Who cares?

    I have a phobia of slugs.

    Who cares?

    Cause this was so much fun.

    Wonder where Gavin went on his vacation?


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