Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.17 “Forgiving”


Here is the podcast covering episode seventeen of season three “Forgiving”.

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode eighteen of season three, “Double or Nothing”, where Angel, Fred and Cordelia have to help Gunn when a past debt comes back to haunt him.


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3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.17 “Forgiving””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    I thought they botched the ending of the episode. Gunn is sort of embarrassed to admit it was just a truck he’d sold his soul for. But the point of the truck was to allow him to fight vampires and save his community right? That actually make him Jesus-like giving his life to save others which is nothing to be embarrassed about.

    The real problem though is that the episode implies it will reveal something deep about Gunn but it delivers nothing. It just goes over his well established back story and underlines his love for Fred. I wish they could have found ways to give him an extra layer or two.

  2. Cainim says :

    Sigh, do I really need to say something about this mess. Okay an attempt to come up with 3 things about Double Or Nothing

    1. So what did you think of Cordelia’s new hair?

    2. And Fred don’t you dare tease us with a “he wouldn’t walk thru the door” comment when you know dang well that Wes is still in the hospital since you visit him there later in the episode.

    3. Is regrowing head guy the grossest thing this show has given us so far or is it the ridiculous reveal about Gunn’s truck? Would pre Angel Gunn really have made that deal?

    And we get it, Wesley is all alone.


  3. Cathleen says :

    Here we are again – another Gunn episode, another barely decent episode. Don’t know what it is with the Angel writing staff when it comes to writing Gunn-centric episodes but I’ve never connected to any of them. There was some good – Gunn and Fred’s interactions through the first half of the episode, Cordy’s return and the way she sat with Angel whilst he started to deal with the loss of Connor, and Jenoff’s demon guy that came to collect Gunn, he was pretty funny. The reveal that Gunn traded his soul for his truck was okay on first watch but feels like a very tired excuse on rewatch. Surely he could’ve asked for more than just a truck but it does make sense that he made the deal for something that would help him save countless lives. The not so good – Gunn and Fred’s argument. I know he was forcing the fight but wow was he mean to Fred. Groo bopping around trying to be helpful but having no clue what to do. Angel’s plan to take out Jenoff by playing a card game – boring. Let’s hope the next Gunn episode is better than what’s been given to us thus far.

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