Podcast Delayed to Sometime Soon…


On account of sudden sickness (I actually ended up in a hospital room of my own) the podcast will be delayed till sometime… I’d like to give a more solid time but I can’t be sure. It will definitely be within the next week, whether it is up later this week or not until Monday is a bit unsure at that moment.

You can rest assured though that the break between the podcast for “Sleep Tight” and “Forgiving” won’t be as long as the break between episodes (six weeks!). If you’re just learning this or just remembered this, let it sink fans had to wait more than a month to find out what exactly happened to Connor.

Anyway sorry! And remember don’t let angry vampires into your hospital room! (Trust me.)



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One response to “Podcast Delayed to Sometime Soon…”

  1. originaljoseph says :

    Hope you feel better soon, Derek!

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