William’s Review – 3.16 “Sleep Tight”

The Good

Wesley’s progression in this arch has been outstanding. This episode was able to play a delicate balancing act of acknowledging what Wes was doing was wrong, but still having you not want him to get caught. Seeing some of the early interactions between Angel and Wes were great. I loved all the double meaning moments like having Angel say “You know what to do” or “Take him.”

Getting the desperation across from Wes was paramount to the success of the episode. I love that you are able to fully understand why Wes is doing what he’s doing. They’ve done a great job even in this episode of giving Wes’s prospective that he would do anything to protect his “family.” The juxtaposition of someone who is so perceptive to see what’s going on with Holtz and still can’t find the correct course of action makes for some really captivating television. Giving Wes a deadline from Holtz was a nice way to accelerate the pace of the episode and force Wes into an even more desperate place. Also it was a nice touch to have Holtz offer him the apple in their meeting.

Wes trying to taking the baby was one of the most tense scenes the show has ever done. We’ve already see Wes be pushed to the edge of desperation so it really added to the tension of the scene. It was pretty dark having him attack Lorne. Of course I knew how the scene was going to play out, but I still think they were able to keep you guessing if he was going to get out of there with Connor.

I was a fan of Angel’s storyline right after he recognizes that something is wrong with himself. The look of disgust when he admits that Connor was starting to look like food was something not a lot of shows can pull off. Angel’s interaction with Lilah was fantastic. It was a nice way to explore our bad guy. I love how different she is from Lindsey. She’s someone who took the next step and is perfectly aware of who she is.

I’ll talk a bit about the sequencing of the last scene in a bit (see the unknown), still the sight of Angel broken with Connor gone was emotional and made for a great moment.

The Bad

The first third of this episode is actually pretty bad. I guess the writers were trying to through the audience off guard by starting it like it was a case of the week episode? In any case the Wraither storyline was very week. It was just kind of groan worthy. The make up wasn’t that great. Angel’s reaction to them of just not caring pretty much summed my feelings up.

Also I wasn’t a fan of blood-o-holic Angel either. There was something kind of rushed to push forward that Angel was acting different. It felt scripted and like a tool to push the plot forward. Although I do like people smashing glasses against walls usually.

The Unknown

I wasn’t able to really put this in the bad, but there was something lacking for me with the last scene. We’ve been crescendo-ing to this last moment where Connor is going to be taken from Angel, but something about how this was sequenced really took me out of the moment. It felt rushed and a little convenient that we got everyone to the exact spot we needed them. But really it was the timing of it all. We need to get Angel to the point where he tells Holtz to take Connor. I really just needed a little time with scene so we can get all of the emotion from Angel that we can. The moment we get Holtz diving into the portal is also a little strange. Holtz pushes Justine in slow motion and gets through and the Angel is stuck by lightning? Again it wasn’t what happened just how it played out exactly. I also would have loved to just get a few more seconds of Angel broken before we had Lilah talking. Let them milk all of the emotion out of that moment and really hammer the point of what’s just happened.

I’m also uncertain if I’m okay with the change that this is Sahjahn’s plan. Why get Holtz to go after Angel if his plan was to get rid of the baby? I guess without Connor’s protector there he assumes the baby would just get killed off by someone?

Favorite Moment

Wes letting Angel say goodbye to his son. It was so heartbreaking on reach watch knowing the future. I could not divorce my feelings from this and honestly made me pretty chocked up.

Bottom Line

While this had some pretty high moments, overall I felt like last week was a better constructed episode. The beginning was pretty awful and there was just something missing from the last moment for me. I feel like this episode was SO close to being quite possible the best episode we’ve had thus far. As it is it was still pretty great.

Score: 73 out of 100


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