Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.14 “Couplet”


Here is the podcast covering episode fourteen of season three “Couplet”.

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode fifteen of season three, “Loyalty”, where Wesley worries about the new prophecy that says, “The Father will kill the Son”.


3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.14 “Couplet””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    Why does Lilah write that note like Wolfram and Hart can hear her every word and then verbally go along with Sahjhan’s plan?

  2. Joseph says :

    It’s really hard to view this episode in a spoiler-free way. Trying for a moment to pretend that I haven’t seen the whole series, I thought this was very effective.

    One thing I like about Wesley is that he’s so broken, but he tries so hard to do the right thing, all the time. This has a ton of Wesley moments, including:

    – Wes is a douche to people EVEN IN HIS OWN DREAMS!

    – Every single person can tell that there is something wrong with Wes, including Holtz’s mole, and they all try to help, INCLUDING HOLTZ’S MOLE, but he tries to take all that burden on himself.

    – Wes shows that he has more insane commitment than anyone in Holtz’s crew, and at least matches Holtz in a scary whispery voice competition.

    – i loved Wes laughing with Angel.

    – And oh, that burger scene. People who have missed out on Angel have missed one of the all time greatest moments in television history.

    A couple more comments:

    – I said a few episodes that Holtz was a dark mirror of a watcher, but this episode really shows that he’s a true mirror for Wes. There’s really not much difference between those two.

    – Not sure how I feel about Gunn this episode. Wes’s “I want to make sure Fred is protected” speech was douchey, but maybe deserved, if Wes knew that Gunn was this reckless. Walking into a likely vampire nest with an unknown number of vampires is really staggeringly risky.

    – As much as I’m skeptical of Wes’s prophesies, this show sold me. The Loa and that final scene were very effective.

  3. Cathleen says :

    Hi guys,

    Couplet – Strange episode. It felt like each act was a separate storyline and they went through them quickly but the episode still managed to drag along slowly. I liked Groo’s ability to join straight into the team as another champion even though he’s more socially awkward than Angel which is not a surprise since he’s come from another dimension. Wes sure hasn’t let his crush on Fred go. The staring at Fred, shifting to move Gunn out of his view was very creepy. Loved Angel’s reactions to seeing Groo looking exactly like him and Cordy asking him to help her have sex. Angel giving Cordy the money to go away on vacation with Groo seemed like the right move for him. Cordy’s been oblivious to his feelings so far but I don’t think Angel would be able to hide it seeing the pair together. Seeing Wes decrypt the prophecy – the music score was very chilling but I can’t help but feel like if the show hadn’t made a habit of rewriting the true meaning of the previous prophecies introduced on the show we would be more willing to believe this one is as it was translated by Wes.

    Loyalty – Loved Angel & Gunn having a bit of fun playing hockey. Angel talking about watching Connor grow up, way to twist the knife in our backs knowing the prophecy Wes has translated. Wes’s decision to isolate himself from the gang with the knowledge of the prophecy felt like it was in character for him. Wes turning to Holtz after visiting the Loa was an interesting move. I wonder had Cordy been around, would he have told her about the translation? The scene with Wes and the ‘cranky hamburger’ was hilarious! This show manages to do something incredibly funny with a very serious scene with Wes needing to know if Angel will really kill Connor. Loved Lilah’s back and forth chats with Sahjhan, I’m interested to find out why he wants Angel dead. Gunn ignoring Wesley’s orders and rushing into the vamp ambush with Fred seemed like something he would’ve done in season 1. Looks like the prophecy might be coming true. Oh Angel don’t joke about snacking on Connor.



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