Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.11 “Birthday”


Here is the podcast covering episode eleven of season three “Birthday”.

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode twelve of season three, “Provider”, where Angel becomes obsessed with money to support Connor.


4 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.11 “Birthday””

  1. Meagan M says :

    One thing that came to mind after listening to the podcast on Birthday was that Skip must have been demoted if before he was in charge of a very dangerous criminal and now he is a spiritual guide to a human. So he can either be exacting revenge on Angel for embarrassing him in front of whatever entity he works for, or he was just reassigned since his other job ended. I don’t remember if we see Skip again, but it definitely adds to my suspicion of him.

  2. originaljoseph says :

    Overall, I thought that this was an adequate episode of the week. I liked that there were three separate plots that all dealt with mistaken assumptions by our heroes, which was a nice writerly touch.

    Some random thoughts:

    – So back in 2000, even on a Whedon show, they couldn’t just say that Bob and his “friend” were gay? That’s a shame.

    – Derek, are you going to call out the Fred-fluffing from here on out? Because this episode had Gunn, Wesley, and the mask demons all talking about how awesome she was. I particularly loved the scene at the beginning when the mask demons freeze in place, turn to one another, and start excitedly clicking and popping about how wonderful Fred is. I guess they’re trying to set up a triangle with Gunn, Wes, and Fred, but there has to be a less obvious way to do it.

    – I guess Angel’s old bag of money is pretty much empty now? I would think this episode offered an obvious solution – Angel should find more wealthy evil doers and rob them. Heck, he could start mugging Lilah and Gavin once or twice a week – that would be hilarious!

    – The Holtz and Justine scenes were very effective, and did a good job of keeping their plot live. They’re an interesting dark mirror of a watcher and slayer, except that Holtz and Justine are both using fanatical commitment in place of superpowers.

  3. originaljoseph says :

    Ps: One more comment from Birthday – I absolutely love Skip’s design. He might be the best designed demon in the Buffyverse so far. He’s threatening, he looks like he’s an absolute tank, and little touches like that skull on his shoulder somehow work.

  4. Cathleen says :

    Hi guys,

    Birthday – Pretty decent Cordy episode. My problem with the episode stemmed from having to believe that the visions have been causing Cordy so much damage that her doctors can’t explain it and yet Cordy had kept it a secret from the gang. Cordy’s a ‘talk first think last’ type of character. Though a difficult thing to tell them I didn’t like the gang discovering it the way they did. Over the two years or so she’s had the visions we have seen the steady incline of their affect on Cordy so I’m glad we finally got an episode addressing this. I just don’t like how far the damage has gotten to Cordy’s health that the gang were not aware of. Fred and Gunn’s scene with Dennis the ghost was cute with their developing friendship. Skip’s a fun demon but I wish we had have been given some clues as to how he went to been keeping Billy in a fire-cell to been Cordy’s demon guide. Interesting choice for him to return to the series this way as opposed to casting someone else. I liked Cordy’s Alternate-Universe. It goes a long way to show how much she’s changed since the beginning of the series. I’d like to see an episode of the sitcom ‘Cordy’ instead of the next episode, Provider. Loved how Cordy’s real-life kept creeping into Cordy’s Alternate-Universe. Doyle been brought up was a nice touch. I absolutely loved watching Angel playing the crazy vision-affected vampire who was messing up visions with memories of his past. The Angel and Cordy kiss seemed like a nice way to show that deep down Cordy does seem to share some kind of romantic feelings for Angel. Can’t wait to see what other powers Cordy acquires with her new demon-ness as I suspect floating in mid-air is just the start.

    Provider – Not going to win any favourite episodes of the season title from me. I can’t even pinpoint my issue with the episode other than it was just dull like That Old Gang of Mine. Seeing Angel want to find a way to provide for Connor to give him a good life was nice but Angel really gets obsessive over things for an episode doesn’t he? A website and a couple handfuls of flyers is all it took for Angel Investigations to skyrocket from almost-never having cases besides vision ones to been overloaded with people and demons needing help with the supernatural? We’ve seen them hand out business cards and flyers before on a couple occasions and that’s done nothing for the business, what’s different this time? Angel appears no longer concerned about demons coming after Connor with the amount of demons waltzing through the hotel. Holtz’s partnership with Justine is getting interesting. She’s one tough human. Ick to the storyline of the zombie guy who was an obsessive stalker and the girl taking him back because he forgives her for killing him. Did Angel not think a $50K job comes with a catch? Angel’s pettiness of not wanting to kill the vamps for Sam because he won’t get paid kinda goes against everything we know about him and his mission for redemption. Oh the days when subtext between two same-sex characters couldn’t be anything more. Even between Sam and his ‘friend’ Jack who wasn’t even an onscreen character. Nice to see the gang pocket the $50K. I bet the gang will be complaining about been broke in no time.

    Despite my misgivings to this episode I look forward to hearing your opinions in the podcast.



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