William’s Review – 3.10 “Dad”

The Good

I like the idea of Angel’s journey in this story. That his first instinct with becoming a father is this outlook that he has to do everything and be everything. He’s only focused on the outlook of all of the forces pitted against him and his child. He’s obsessive, a jerk, and it fits in line with his character. Nothing optimized this like the scene between Angel and Cordelia. There we see an almost singular focus from Angel that he by himself will do whatever it takes to take care of his son. It came across as a little selfish when he says “he’ll get there even if I don’t.” Good plan Angel, leave your son without his father. Still I loved the moment and I love that by the end of the episode we get to see that Angel has let go a bit. It’s such an interesting new dynamic for the character and for the show. I’m a fan of telling new stories and this doesn’t feel like a cheap ploy. I don’t know how much baby Connor can be on the for front going forward, but I’m interested to see what kind of stories they can tell.

Getting Lorne fully into Angel investigations was nice. He no longer has a tie to Caritas has its now been destroyed three times. I love the idea of him continually around as what he adds to the group is very different. They really used him to great potential with the scene between him and Angel. Lorne still is that guy that tells what you need to hear and set you on your path. His delivery of “Look at him” three times was really effective and emotional.

A small moment, but I really like Gunn and Wes having a dorky guy moment when they were picturing themselves in other famous siege movie roles. It really helped remind us of that friendship and felt like a natural interaction between the two of them. Also side note the flame thrower was cool.

The Bad

The misdirection really bothered me. One it hurts the last moment because we never see Angel have that moment where he transitions to that final scene. The other I wasn’t a fan of how they had to explain the misdirection afterwards. Having Linwood zoom up on Lorne giving Angel the note and explain everything felt silly. I don’t remember if on first watch if the twist got me, but on rewatch it felt kind of cheap. Especially how we have other characters still acting hurt and the way they have Fred go “don’t leave us” as the music gets really dramatic. Pulling one on your audience can be nice, I just don’t like it if it feels like you are insulting our intelligence or just for the sake of having a twist. It needs a real reason to justify it.

There were some silly moments like Gunn suggesting Frank was after the baby. I thought it was for comedic effect, but then a bunch of biker guys show up. I assume those are Frank’s men. Still why would a mob boss want the baby? Apparently that went past my suspension of disbelief, not the squid people or vampire cult.

The Unknown

Did Angel just blow up a bunch of humans with the demons? It’s Wolfram and Hart so who’s to say they weren’t some demon special forces, but still that was something that raised an eyebrow.

Favorite Moment

The last scene was what I wanted to see the moment Angel truly became a father. I’ve always been a sucker for stories about unconventional families and I think they captured that with this last scene. I loved everyone being involved, seeing Angel let go, and share the burden. It was also a nice touch to end with the stereotypical power shot, but with the new dynamic of the show with Connor.

Bottom Line

So I loved the beginning, the Lorne scene, and the end. The misdirection with Angel honestly bothered me and hurt the episode. I would have loved to see Angel go from obsessive wreck of a father to the ending scene with the gang in a more fluid way. But by having the misdirection it feels like an abrupt change.

Score: 60 out of 100


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