Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.09 “Lullaby”

Lullaby (1)

Here is the podcast covering episode nine of season three “Lullaby”.

You can download it here.

Plus here’s the trailer for Kane’s Kitchen.

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Next week, we will be covering episode ten of season three, “Dad”, where Angel has to protect his newborn son from incoming dark forces.


One response to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.09 “Lullaby””

  1. Cathleen says :

    Hi guys,

    Lullaby –
    The Angel/Holtz first confrontation was good. I liked that Angel didn’t tell Holtz that he had gotten his soul back to use that as an excuse as to why Holtz shouldn’t kill him now, he knows he’s still responsible for Angelus’s actions. The grenade escape was a bit far-fetched in that Angel didn’t get severely burnt but was cool nonetheless. I really wanted Wesley to just put his foot down on the accelerator and just knock over Holtz’s demons with the Angelmobile. At this point I think I’ve just accepted that prophecies will continue to change every episode to be whatever the writers think will work better for their episode as annoying as it is. Angel and Darla’s talk on the rooftop breaks my heart every time. Sad to see the destruction of Caritas, that was a great set. The scene with Angel & Darla outside the burning Caritas is probably my most favourite scene in the entire series. Darla’s sacrifice is so powerful. You just know that Angel will do anything in the world to keep his son safe. Holtz letting Angel and the baby go wasn’t a surprise as once he saw that baby it was obvious that going after the ones Angel loves was going to hurt Angel more. Looks like everything Angelus put Holtz through has turned Holtz into Angelus in a way as that’s exactly what Angelus did when he resurfaced in season two of Buffy by going after the people she loved. I feel like Angel is going to regret walking past Holtz and letting him live.

    Dad –
    As is the case with this series, a really good episode is followed by a slightly subpar episode. I liked Angel’s overprotection when it came to the baby but refusing to let anyone, especially Cordy, hold the baby got a little bit old. As much as he wants to do everything for his son, that’s not possible and he should know he’s going to need their help. The scene with Cordy trying to drag him outside to prove that fact was a strong one between the two of them. The scene with Angel making faces at the baby was a good chance at seeing what a total goof Angel can be. Holtz joining forces with humans who hunt vampires is interesting. I wonder what makes him think these people will be strong enough to take down Angel despite how much hatred they all have in them for all things vampire. But it was only several episodes ago that we saw the last of Gunn’s street gang, what will make this group any different? I liked the swap-out of the baby on the first viewing but on rewatches I just giggle during the scene with Angel in the car knowing that he’s talking to a doll in a blanket. I guess Angel did learn that he needs the gang’s help keeping the baby safe just wished we’d seen it happen. Welcome to Angel Investigations, baby Connor.

    Keep up with the great podcasts guys.



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