William’s Review – 3.08 “Quickening”

The Good

Holtz worked surprisingly well for what little we got from him. I love that they’ve been referencing this character for a while now and the flashback at the beginning gave you all the understanding and motivation you need for that character. His quiet stoic demeanor also contrasted well with Sahjhan’s jokey Whedon verse villain shtick making both characters pop.

Pregnant Darla was a really good treat. I loved a lot of moments with her. Darla trying to walk out of the room with Angel’s “Not you” bit. Her saying “I guess I get dinner after all.” Her reluctantly joining the fight. And her saying “I’m just sad the vampire cult didn’t eat all of you” to mask her real reasons for crying. All wonderful moments that Julie Benz delivered with ease. I do find it interesting that we are seeing emotion seep out of her at times and added something really nice to the performance.

There were tons of little moments and jokes that popped out from different members of the group. The writing felt fresh and helped the episode move at a pretty good pace. I particularly loved Cordelia’s “It’s always the quiet ones.” When Fred puts a knife to Darla’s stomach. It was also really nice to see the gang all marveling at the ultrasound.

The Bad

I’m okay with the huge amount of information dumped on the audience in this episode. But we ultimately didn’t go any where in the episode. It felt very much like set up. Not a huge knock against episode, but also didn’t wow me.

The Unknown

Okay this episode threw a lot of exposition and a lot of different people at our heroes and the audience. I’m still a little confused as to who is exactly working for who. Mail man Wolfram & Hart employee working for the Vampire Cult or? Telekinetic Ninja working for Lilah or? Idk they introduced a lot of interested parties and the fact that no one knows what’s going on got me a little lost at points.

Favorite Moment

I went with Darla saying “Are you going to do it or should I?” After the pretty disturbing flashback it added a lot of stakes to the episode. It was of course chilling, but it also put a real threat on the child’s life. The rest of the episode seemed to have some dark humor about killing baby Angel, but this scene helped set the mood of the episode.

Bottom Line

Another episode that doesn’t necessarily change a whole lot, but I really liked the ride. Definitely a solid part one and I liked the sense that we got from all of the different parties showing up to take the baby.

Score: 65 out of 100


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