William’s Review – 3.07 “Offspring”

The Good

I loved all of Angel’s interactions. His awkwardness about having romantic feelings was funny and felt in character. Obviously different than his love with Buffy and I could totally believe that he’d be thrown for a loop. I like the rest of the gang already knows. Though Cordelia’s blindness to it is also strange. Angel freaking out to Fred talking about kyrumption was cute and funny. Basically I had a stupid grin on my face every time Angel was on screen. I thought they handled his awkwardness pretty well in terms to his feelings about Cordelia.

I’m glad they are keeping the sparing between Cordelia and Angel going. It’s a nice way for the two of them to interact with just each other without the rest of the gang. Also I find something oddly personal about Angel sharing his talents with Cordelia.

The Bad

So I was not a fan of how the episode treated Cordelia’s reaction to finding out Angel and Darla has slept together. They intentionally keep it in this vague state where you can read it as jealousy. I think Cordelia has some merits to being pissed at Angel for lying and potentially putting everyone in danger if he turned. If it was just suppose to be jealousy then that bothers me. The show seems to like to keep it misleading on purpose. Angel’s reaction to the pregnancy was also pretty crappy. I get that he’s in denial at first, but he was a straight up jerk.

Okay so pregnant vampire beat down in a chuckie e cheese is a pretty silly place to stage a fight. It’s kind of laughable honestly, but ultimately that wasn’t as bothersome as how they mishandled the emotion of Darla breaking down in Angel’s arms. They didn’t do enough to let you know what was really going on. And the way they abruptly shift from the two of them vamp faced beating each other up to the human face break down didn’t feel cohesive.

The Unknown

We still don’t know what’s going on with this baby or the prophecy they introduced off screen. I imagine will be getting more exposition in the following episodes to help make up for the lack of set up with the prophecy.

Favorite Moment

The Angel and Cordelia love conversation was my favorite part. One it was extremely satisfying seeing Angel super awkward and baffled by his own feelings. I love the touch of him squinting and tilting his head sideways thinking “maybe?” And of course his reaction to Cordelia asking “are you trying to say you love me?” Was just priceless. I also love how that moment ends with them talking about all they’ve been through together.

Bottom Line

This episode was trying to rely pretty heavily on a prophecy they introduced off screen for some emotional weight. At the same time it was constantly ignoring that fact all together as Angel and Cordelia’s relationship was the main draw of the episode. I enjoyed the episode, especially the character interactions, just a lot of little things held this back for me.

Score: 63 out of 100


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