William’s Review – 3.02 “That Vision Thing”

The Good

Catching back up with Lilah was great. She’s really starting to come into her own at Wolfram and Hart. Yes that underlying insecurity is still present with her, but she is now in a position of power where she can still assert her will on people. Seeing her black mail Angel and have this devilish little smile when it succeeded was a great moment. There is something very enjoyable to watch with Lilah as our representative from W&H. I guess I’m a fan of a more straight forward villain that is still consistent with her earlier character.
Angel trying to save the Cordelia whatever it takes was still effective despite how often they’ve drawn from this well. I particularly like his interaction with the demon Skip. It was another off beat moment that really catches you off guard and was genuinely very funny. I even enjoy the brief fight we have between the two of them. The way they light the fight was consistent with burning man behind them and was actually pretty striking.
This was definitely Cordelia’s episode. The opening was a great hook into the episode. They’ve been ramping up the “visions taking a toll” storyline, so to see the gashes on Cordelia was actually pretty frightening. I love how they were able to sell her fear and how the rest of the gang reacted. They really raised the stakes in the episode. Even if we don’t believe Cordelia is going to be covered in boils the rest of the season, they still so the emotion in the moment.
I’m glad they were able to give both Fred and Lorne something to do in the episode. Giving Fred the idea to trace the call was nice and I hope they are able to continue to have moments that make her feel integral to Angel Investigations. I liked having Lorne also used in some way away from Caritas. Yes they had to exposition away a convenient use of his powers but ultimately I thought it worked.
It’s interesting how the rest of the gang interacts with Fred. Gunn makes a pass at her with the walking a beautiful woman home line. Wes is pretty condescending with how he talks to her for not looking up the herb shop. And Cordelia is straight up rude to her and justly so after the you’re like Lassie comment lol. Cordelia is the only one in the group that at least doesn’t put on oven mitts around her and treats her like a normal person. Even if it’s coming from a place of annoyance.
The Bad
The Kal Penn brain demon was pretty silly. The effects were pretty cheesy and idk I didn’t find him in the fez that funny. Meh.
Gunn was almost non existent in this story. We get more reaction shots and dialogue which he is always great at. I just want more. Give me some meat to this character.
The Unknown
Again we left the episode with a pregnant Darla tease. And although this didn’t add anything too new, It’s nice to know that she is heading to L.A. Also there is something very ominous about someone saying “This is not meant to be known.”
Favorite Moment
The scene between Cordelia and Angel in the bed room. Cordelia’s raspy cries of “I’m scared all the time” really got to me. All praise should go to Charisma Carpenter for selling that scene. That a line you are likely to hear In any number of shows, but some she was able to sell the emotion and make you really sympathize with the pain she was going through. Equally having Angel express how he needs her even without the visions was nice.
Bottom Line
Another good episode to start the season. It had some real emotional beats with Cordelia that were very affecting. Not such a fan of the Kal Penn brain demon. And there’s only so high you can feel about an episode that leaves a lot of plot threads hanging.
67 out of 100

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