Angel Rewatch – Two Parter for 3.02 “That Vision Thing”

ThatVisionThing_MainWe finally did it. We rambled more than we probably should and have our first two parter of the podcast series. So get ready for two hopefully cleanly edited podcasts this week.

The first discusses “That Vision Thing” and can be downloaded here.

The second is feedback centric, with another long discussion on Lindsey and that can be downloaded here.

Next week, we will be covering episode three of season three, “That Old Gang of Mine”, where Gunn’s loyalty is torn between Angel Investigations and his crew.


2 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Two Parter for 3.02 “That Vision Thing””

  1. Joseph says :

    A few more thoughts on Lindsey:

    1) I think the character could work for people if they remember a couple moments and kind of forget everything else. (That’s why Kate is my second favorite character in the whole series, after all).

    2) Overall, I think the writers were going for a villain like Lex Luthor in Smallville – that Lindsey’s threatening because he’s so driven and committed, but that losing his hand shook him up, leading to a death wish, which is how I read his attraction to Darla. But they never quite sold any of that for me.

    3) For comparison, I think a villain that pulled off a character with some similarities to Lindsey was Gul Dukat from Deep Space Nine. He only got a few episodes per season, he vacillated from scenery-chewing evil to sympathetic evil, and he had a few moments that were just downright crazy, but for all of that, he was a magnetic fully realized foil for Sisko and Kira, and the fans were affirmatively excited every time he showed up, or almost every time.

  2. Joseph says :

    That Old Gang of Mine

    The good

    – This was actually a little better than I expected. Gunn, Cordy, Fred, Wesley, Lorne and Angel all got some solid moments.

    – I like scary whisper-y Wesley a lot. Wes is definitely the most observant of the group, and you can watch him figuring things out. Still, between being trained by the Watchers’ Council and whatever lessons he learned from his father, I’m not sure he’s actually a great leader. He tends to settle on scary and intense when under pressure, which probably works well with the Watchers, but isn’t so great for this group.

    – I’m not a huge Fred fan, but she was a lot better this time. I did like “Sorry, I wasn’t trying to sound snooty.”

    – As long as the actor’s having fun, I love a scenery chewing villain. I was hoping Gio would get his own spinoff right up until the end.

    The bad

    – I never once believed that any of team Angel was in danger during the Caritas hostage situation. Theoretically, at least Lorne should have been in a lot of danger, but it dragged on so long that any tension was gone, particularly since the gang let Lorne and those two random demons live.

    – I’m not sure Gunn tried hard enough. When he was at the gang’s hideout, instead of saying “You lost the mission,” he should just have said “There are good demons and vampires, and I can prove it.”

    – It also never really made sense to keep the gang so separate from Angel investigations. Even if Gunn wanted some distance from his memories of Alana, Wesley and Angel know better – if there’s another group in LA fighting demons, the least they can do is have Wesley and Angel give them some training, and it probably makes sense to team up for bigger threats.

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