Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.01 “Heartthrob”


Here is the podcast covering episode one of season three “Heartthrob”.

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode two of season three, “That Vision Thing”, where Lilah comes to Angel for help.


4 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 3.01 “Heartthrob””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    Sorry I’ve been quiet, not a lot to add to your Season 2 coverage. Season 3 is throwing out a lot of plot threads with Fred, Holtz, Darla and now this guy they swap Cordelia for. I thought her acting was really solid here with the raspy voice. I forget if we ever see anyone phone Angel to say “Buffy’s back.”

    • Joseph says :

      That would be a pretty interesting conversation: “You did WHAT??” “Oh, like YOU’VE never come back from the dead!”

  2. Joseph says :

    For some reason, this season has been looking better to me than Season 2 – I wonder if they’re doing something new.

    I had to think about it a while, but Angel’s actions in this episode are really consistent with his epiphany in Epiphany. He doesn’t have his eye on some grand strategic goal, so he’s willing to make his choice to do what he sees as right in the moment, even if that results in freeing someone who is apparently bad enough that the Powers see fit to torture him. Also, I don’t think he planned to kill Brain Guy – he was acting in the moment, and when he saw that Lilah made the mistake of bringing brain guy to the meeting instead of just calling him on the phone and telling him to heal Cordy, Angel took his chance and killed him. And while Angel could have killed Lilah too, at that point it wasn’t necessary to protect Cordelia, so I suppose it wasn’t the “good” thing to do in the moment. (After all, if he kills Lilah, Wolfram and Hart might replace her with someone more competent).

    Speaking of Lilah, this is a mixed bag for her. She did successfully free Burning Man, but if she had kept Brain Guy someplace safe and just called him during the exchange, she would still have a hold on Angel. Evil Six Flags Guy is probably going to bring this up at her next evaluation.

    Speaking of Cordy, would she have wanted Angel to free Burning Man to save her? I think probably not. Angel is trying to do the right thing, but just like in I Will Remember You, he is still deciding for himself what that is, at least in this case.

    Speaking of the Powers that Be, does it change anyone’s opinion of them that they’re apparently willing to torture a guy by continually burning him alive while he screams in pain? I could see killing a bad guy, or imprisoning him, but that kind of torture is some serious Old Testament stuff. They may be good, but they’re apparently not very nice.

    Speaking of Wesley, I like his season 3 hair.

    Speaking of Gun, was he in this episode? I honestly can’t remember.

  3. cainimtruax says :

    Quick thought on Heartthrob

    Does vampirism come with a recessive gene of romantic silliness? 62 out of 100

    Okay onto That Vision Thing

    So pulsating brain guy. What was he? Was he a member of a brain flashing demon species? If so couldn’t Lilah just have HR hire another one? If he was a mutant did Angel kill a human? That’s fine nothing new there for our hero but then why not just kill Lilah?

    So have the writers decided Lorne’s powers can do whatever the story needs?

    Love the bureaucratic side of Wolfram and Hart and Gavin is so much better than Lindsey. Maybe because they’re not trying to make him sympathetic.

    68 out of 100

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