Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.21 “Through the Looking Glass”


Here is the podcast covering episode twenty-one of season two “Through The Looking Glass”.

You can download it here.

Please leave feedback by commenting on the post here, emailing the or sending a voicemail to 206-203-3276. And please leave a review on iTunes.

Next week, we will be covering episode twenty-two of season two, “There’s No Place like Plrtz Glrb”, where the season ends and stuff happens.


One response to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.21 “Through the Looking Glass””

  1. cainimtruax says :

    3 words about “There’s no place like Plrtz Glrb” That…was…awesome. 3 more. Funny. Poignant. Exciting. but still there are 3 questions for William and Derek.

    1 isn’t it a tad irresponsible for our heroes to overthrow a despotic regime and then just abandon the new society to pick up the pieces on their own? How very Doctor Who of them.

    2. Isn’t Cordelia using the term “Love” a little more liberally than one would expect?

    3. Okay so the Covenants plan was to get Groo the visions and then what? Did they expect to be able to control him? Or was this all about fulfilling prophecy?

    That was actually five questions and this episode gets an

    81 out of 100

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