William’s Review- 2.20 “Over The Rainbow”

The Good

The humor in this episode landed with me a lot. I definitely thought there were a lot of clever jokes sprinkled throughout. I got a kick out of Wesley once again flexing his comedic muscles. He’s always shown a talent for his comedic timing and this was no exception. I laughed out loud to the “I think we’re winning!” and the immediate cut to them being bound. I liked Angel gleefully running around in the sun. I liked Gunn’s outrage at the potential of them ending up as a freakish Siamese twin thing. Overall the episode had some nice comedic beats to help get me through the episode.

The past few episodes have been great about developing Lorne. I liked getting a sense of his history. Learning that he’s been here for 5 years and how he got started. I didn’t mind the awkward moment of him meeting his physic friend as it gave more connections to our world. I also loved his impassioned speech about music and coming from Pylea. (see favorite moment)

The Bad

This episode took its sweet time. It felt a lot like we were just waiting around twirling our thumbs. For the majority of the episode we were just waiting around. It made the episode seem to drag and drag as we had Angel constantly saying we’ve got to go save Cordelia. There was just something dull about trying to keep the same level of urgency, but then not acting on it. It made the episode feel a little flat until we finally got to Pylea in the last few minutes.

The torture scene of Cordelia was the biggest red mark on the episode. It felt tasteless, cheap, and completely unnecessary. I don’t understand the need to include the scene as it didn’t add anything really to the episode. It also just felt tonally out of place. For the most part the episode had been pretty lighthearted. Even Cordelia being sold into slavery had a funny tinge to it, but this just felt really dark out of nowhere.

The Unknown

Not a whole lot here. I’ll just be expecting some more world building with Pylea in the coming episodes.

Favorite Moment

Lorne’s speech about music was the best moment in the episode. It gave us a lot of context to Lorne’s backstory and Pylia. I loved his description of music being beautiful, painful, and right. It was a very impassioned speech that you could totally relate to Lorne as a character and made him feel real.

Bottom Line

This episode had severe tonal and pacing issues. I did find a lot of moments humorous, but ultimately it couldn’t save the episode from feeling dragged out.

59 out of 100


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