Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.20 “Over The Rainbow”


Here is the podcast covering episode twenty of season two “Over the Rainbow”.

You can download it here.

Please leave feedback by commenting on the post here, emailing the or sending a voicemail to 206-203-3276. And please leave a review on iTunes.

Next week, we will be covering episode twenty-one of season two, “Through the Looking Glass”, where Angel tries to save a slave from execution.


One response to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.20 “Over The Rainbow””

  1. cainimtruax says :

    Thoughts on Through the looking glass

    1. Is it possible the Groosalug was created with no previous knowledge of Groo the wanderer?

    2. Ok so now that we’ve seen the pure demon side of Angel does this do anything to your takes on what exactly Angelus is? Since this demon thing seems pretty personality-less do you think a vampire’s personality comes from? Is it something inherent but mostly unseen in the human version? I Know it’s open to interpretation but what do you guys think? And did this episode change your take?

    3. Taken individually the first three parts of this are okay but considered as one story the tone is all over the place. That’s a problem.

    65 out of 100

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