Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.19 “Belonging”


Here is the podcast covering episode nineteen of season two “Belonging”.

You can download it here.

Please leave feedback by commenting on the post here, emailing the or sending a voicemail to 206-203-3276. And please leave a review on iTunes.

Next week, we will be covering episode twenty of season two, “Over the Rainbow”, where Angel Investigations tries to re-open the portal to save Cordelia.


4 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.19 “Belonging””

  1. cainimtruax says :

    Just when you thought we were moving away from damsel in distress stories here comes Over the Rainbow and 3 things for William and Derek.

    1. Did they leave out any cliches? We’ve got a woman sold into slavery, accused of being a witch and then physically violated. The trifecta! Ugh. Does it help at all that it is another woman that tries to help Cordy or is that another cliche?

    2 I actually enjoy they goofy 4 boys sitcom that was smushed up against this Cordelia in peril story. The problem is that they’re smushed together. Kind of hard for me to enjoy Angel ‘s goofy smile when Cordelia is being violated with an awl.

    3 The pre-credit scene: am I supposed to be laughing or scared. Cordelia’s running style makes me think one thing, the music another. And the closing scene: I don’t care how well they are treating her now, I don’t buy that Cordelia would be smiling so broadly after what she’s been through.

    58 out of 100

  2. samrocks1984 says :

    Have a problem with my podcast I’ve downloaded twice and it still won’t play grr

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