William’s Review – 2.18 “Dead End”

The Good

The Cordelia storyline was really effective this week. I found here painful vision acting to be the best it’s been yet. There was something so heartbreaking about how underplayed the scenes were. It made it that much more believable and painful. There was some real strength to her character in this episode for me. She obviously doesn’t want to seem week in front of the guys, even to the point where she snaps at people that ask if there’s anything they can do.  By the end of the episode actually showing some vulnerability and telling the guys that the visions are taking a toll was a great moment. Even though she kind of blows of this with “but that’s part of the job, right?” I still felt like you could get a lot out of that moment. Cordelia is going to continue with this mission no matter what. And she’s not going to let the pain that comes with the visions stop her from helping people.

I enjoyed Angel in the episode. There is something so humanizing about him playing petty. It’s just another interesting facet to his character. Only a few weeks ago he was setting Darla on fire and now we get this playful side. It’s so interesting that that can exist in the same person. I liked the buddy cop interaction between Angel and Lindsey. Mostly Angel gets the great lines. “It’s my lead! It’s my lead!” was really funny and Lindsey even got a good one in with “you really are gross you know that.” I liked Angel because so out of sorts about the music video scene. Lindsey giving honestly a good performance, but Angel just can’t help but try and tear it down. And of course the episode ends on a pretty great Angel moment. Seeing that sly little smile while Lindsey drives away with that “Cops Suck” sign was just great. He seems so happy with himself and I really enjoyed the moment as it worked in direct contrast with the seriousness of the advice Lindsey leaves with.

The concept of Wolfram and Hart harvesting organs from live bodies was pretty creepy. The actual case that’s going I thought had some very effective horrow. The intial turn of the everyday family followed by the shock and jump scare of the knife in the eye got me. It caught me off guard because of how abruptly they transitioned to it after seeing sad Lindsey. They flashed back to the vision several times in the episode and I think it was just gruesome enough that I didn’t feel any fatigue from it and still bought into the pain Cordelia was feeling. Once Angel and Lindsey get into that basement I found the visual of seeing defiled bodies pretty horrifying. They did a great job present that. However the most was lost once Lindsey starts talking about mail room Brad.

The Bad

So the majority of the Lindsey story I found boring. I think the main reason being that I’m not invested in this character. They really try their darnedest to make him sympathetic. But longing shots at a guitar really won’t get you anywhere if you didn’t really sympathize with the character before hand. Hand see what I did there.  I don’t know why they felt the need to have a music video in the middle of the episode. I don’t know why Cordelia suddenly changes to an entirely different character as she is mesmerized by Lindsey’s singing ability. But serious what is going on in that scene? I watched feeling a lot like Angel. Admittedly Lindsey has a good singing voice and I did get a kick out of seeing demonic demons smiling and bobbing their heads. But most that scene just screeched the episode to a halt. I guess they just wanted to let Christian Kane have his time to shine.  The focus on Lindsey and trying to make him sympathetic just felt forced. I felt nothing for Lindsey in him having to pull the plug on mail room Brad. We don’t really know Lindsey enough and they haven’t made him a character that you actually believe. So why would I care about Lindsey or a character I’ve never met? We then had the boardroom review scene. Which no it doesn’t make sense why they choose Lindsey over Lilah. Lindsey does have a nice speech where he gets to go as over the top as he wants. Which admittedly was enjoyable to watch, but so many logic problems really distracted me from even appreciating that scene.

The Unknown

So this is the first we are seeing Cordelia’s visions taking a toll. Previously we only had Wes tell us this information. I get only showing so much of that in this episode. I’m just wonder if this is something they’ll play up for the last bit this season or if this has farther reaching implications.

So Wolfram and Hart seem really weak for just letting Lindsey go. Why did they do this? Are they ever really going to explain it? And is Six Flags Lawyer poor man’s Holland ever going to do anything or be an actual character?

Favorite Moment

Angel prying Cordelia into giving more information. I loved that once the guys have exhausted their resources in trying their hardest to help Cordelia, that they have to come to her for help. There was something really effective about how Angel delivers the “We need your help.” It was also really sad seeing Cordelia break down after having to relive the vision again. It was one of the more sympathetic moments for Cordelia.

Bottom Line

The Cordelia parts of the episode were great for the little we got of them. I just didn’t feel invested in the Lindsey storyline. There was no satisfying arc to his story. I had no sympathy for his lack of hand or him suddenly finding a conscience. Still some good moments in here just a lot of flaws running around as well.

60 out of 100


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