Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.18 “Dead End”


Here is the podcast covering episode eighteen of season two “Dead End”.

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode nineteen of season two, “Belonging”, where dimensional portal opens in Caritas.


2 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.18 “Dead End””

  1. cainimtruax says :

    Quick thoughts on Belonging

    For the most part I like this. The juxtaposition of two different types of fantasy worlds really worked and led to some nice funny moments.

    And who doesn’t love more Lorne?

    But here’s my gripe. Does it really count as criticism of the sexualization and objectification of women(particularly in Hollywood) when you are encouraging your audience and your main character to ogle a woman the same way?

    Beyond that this was a lot of fun.

    71 out 100

    And I do have theory what Wolfram and Hart were thinking last week regarding Lindsey but it will have to wait.

  2. Joseph says :

    I don’t have much to say about this episode’s plot. It was interesting to learn some more about the Host, and I liked Wesley’s phone call with his father. The rest of the actual plot felt forgettable.

    It feels like the show has a lot of patience building its better characters – we got a clue about Wesley’s father several episodes, and another one now, but the writers aren’t hitting us over the head with it. Hopefully, it will pay off.

    I like that Cordy told Angel off for trying to save her from the director, but I’m still not crazy about the amount of times that Cordy ends up in peril and needing rescue.

    To expand on my thoughts from last week, the actors are doing a pretty good job of playing the smart white guy with the plans, the street smart black guy, and an attractive woman who needs rescue, and they’re bringing interesting wrinkles to those characters, but those are still the characters they’ve been given. Maybe if the show hadn’t had such a problem with damsels early on it wouldn’t be so noticable.

    Buffy reversed the usual script by making Xander the least effective fighter in the group, and by putting him in peril at least as often as Willow or Buffy, and also by making him a bit of a jerk. Between the headaches, mystical pregnancies, and now portal-napping, it feels like the guys are spending more and more time saving Cordy. Let’s go back to putting Wesley or Angel in peril just to mix things up.

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