William’s Review – 2.17 “Disharmony”

The Good

Getting a light hearted episode focused on Cordelia was agreat change of pace. It was nice to get out of the dark and depressing andhave something a little more fun. Cordelia really got to shine. I particularlyloved her interactions with Angel. Their relationship was already the most interesting in the show and now that it’s completely strained it made for more captivating television. Her saying “We’re not friends” was truly affecting and heartbreaking. We see just how deep that hurts Angel and it affects him throughout the episode. I was also a fan of how dedicated Cordelia is now to Angel Investigations. We get her affirmation of the cause right before she tells Angel they aren’t friends, but we also get it again when Harmony and Cordelia are catching up. I like her drunken “air pockets” analogy. It’s a goofy metaphor, but there was some actual substance to watch she was saying. Cordelia also got a nice moment when her and Angel finally have a real conversation. Cordelia gets to let out her frustration of how much she was hurt by Angel. That even though Angel had a soul he could still end up betraying them. It was a nice moment and felt earned. Overall it was nice to see our new Cordelia and for her to get highlighted in the episode.

Harmony was pretty fun and funny in the episode. I thought the mined some nice comedic moments in the episode with her. Seeing her be funny and then completely grating on the gang was pretty funny. I really liked the moment when Gunn comes into the office starts giving her the eyes only to find out she’s a Vampire and say “Don’t we kill them anymore?” They were able to really set up some nice moments that had me enjoying the episode. The Host was as enjoyable as ever. I loved him being witty and digging into Harmony without her knowing.

The pyramid scheme with Doug felt very whedonverse. A real world occurrence with a supernatural twist. It was goofy and dorky, but also equally creepy. Having the Doug with the come on down, only to watch the vamp change robes and drink from a human. It definitely gave me a vibe of The Master’s plan from the Buffy episode The Wish.

The Bad

Harmony as she’s grating on the characters halfway through the episode started grating on me. It was just a lull in the episode that it become a little less interesting and funny. They even tried recycling jokes. Ultimately it just didn’t land quite as hard as the beginning.

Watching multitudes of vampires run away from the fight at the end felt strange. I get that the kinds of vamps that would be drawn to this pyramid scheme would probably be pretty weak willed and dumb. Still all of those vampires should be able to take down Angel Investigations.

The Unknown

There is something a little weird about Cordelia letting Harmony go at the end of this episode. Having Angel let Darla go was a gray act as we know she will ultimately continue to feed on innocent humans, but it kind of Worked because of how dark Angel had become up into that point. Having Cordelia do it here just felt strange. Cordelia has to know that she will ultimately go and kill people right? I don’t know. I imagine the writers really enjoy having Harmony as she was in several episodes of Buffy before this. So maybe they just weren’t comfortable writing her off like that. As it is it took what little tension there was in the episode out.

So they definitely did the TV convention of the “white lie” with Angel not telling Cordelia about sleeping with Darla. That felt like a deliberate thread that they dangled out there. I imagine the will be pulling at that at some point. It’s hard to say when Angel and Cordelia are already making up at the end of this episode though.

Favorite Moment

Cordelia telling Angel “We aren’t friends.” It was the most affecting moment in the episode and I liked seeing Angel completely crushed by those three words. Seeing Angel try and connect with his friends and seeing how damaged those relationships are especially Cordelia I thought worked really well in the episode.

Bottom Line

I thought this was solid. It was funny and had some nice character moments with Cordelia. I liked getting more focus on her and seeing how much she’s grown. There was a bit of a lull midway through the episode, but I thought they were able to still salvage the episode and keep me pretty entertained throughout.

65 out of 100


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