Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.17 “Disharmony”


Here is the podcast covering episode seventeen of season two “Disharmony”.

You can download it here.

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Next week, we will be covering episode eighteen of season two, “Dead End”, where Cordelia’s visions get worse.


2 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.17 “Disharmony””

  1. chrisart6 says :

    Disharmony: I really liked this. Apart from the pyramid scheme and the team trying to go up against 100 vamps and oh yeah Harmony getting a out of jail free card, it was enjoyable.
    It was nice to see the team back together. The different interactions between each character and how they each have different relationships to eachother has shown growth for all of them.
    Nice to see old faces, Hamony & Willow. I find it funny that we have now had 2 times in the Angel series that Cordy has rung Willow. Geez who knew they were friends? I get the computer hacking convo but this? Weird.
    My favorite part by far was Angel buying Cordy clothes at the end. What a lovely smile he has, kinda sux that we hardly ever get to see him smile. & Cordy, the joy of something as shallow as clothes to bring her back to Angel & Angel knowing thats what it would do. Well. It cracked me up in hysterics!!

  2. cainimtruax says :

    Nobody demanded it. But once upon a time I felt differently than William and Derek. Once I was a fan and was sorry to see him go. So since nobody else is going to do it I proudly well maybe not proudly maybe grudgingly present a defense of Lindsey McDonald.

    Lindsey is smug, arrogant, obsessive and of course he has that face but at times he shows real glimpses of humanity. He strikes me as a man out of his depth. A rural guy with too much brain for where he came from. So he hit the big city and did his best. I get the feeling he always wanted to be the country megastar that Christian Kane is but he was to good a weasal to not use his real gifts. Dramatic hand acting.

    And who hasn’t turned to evil when their singing dream dies?

    And in Dead End someone finally someone finally lends Lindsey a hand.

    In all seriousness he can actually sing. Or at least he could back then. Like I said this is a man and an actor in the wrong role and place.

    It was time for him to move on. And for the show to as well. Bye Kate. Bye Lindsey.

    And they found a decent way to do it both times . Better than either character deserved.

    I wish I could talk to the me from ten years ago that was a genuine Lindsey fan. He could have written this far better than I can.

    Christian Kane did really send a lovely tweet when Leonard Nimoy passed away. He gets points for that.

    Dead End gets a 62 out of 100

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