No New Podcast Today…. But Wait There’s More!

riunhvAs you can probably tell by now this is not a post for the podcast on “Reprise”. Due to illness and William losing his voice, we weren’t able to record this week. But to make up for it we will being TWO podcasts next weekend for “Reprise” and “Epiphany”! So get your feedback in for “Epiphany” (and “Reprise”) now if you want to be on the next podcast.


3 responses to “No New Podcast Today…. But Wait There’s More!”

  1. Cainim says :

    Get well soon. You guys deserved a break anyways.

  2. Cainim says :

    Sometimes it’s not worth trying to come up with a snappy intro. Let’s just get to 3 things about Epiphany

    1. So, um, if Angel wasn’t losing his soul what the heck is going on with him at the beginning of the episode?

    2. Do we really need to see Cordelia go through that kind of violation? It’s pretty clear what that’s all about. Does seeing the act actually add anything to the story? Isn’t the threat enough? And given its origin don’t the jokes involving her third eye seem kind of messed up?

    3. Not to be pedantic here but couldn’t Kate’s drunk call to Angel constitute an implied invitation? It was clearly a cry for help. Obviously not what the writers are going for but if someone wanted to explain it away….

    So, a couple of really really nice moments, Angel and the Host, Angel and Kate at the end, Angel humbling himself before the gang minus some of the stuff above and we end up with

    65 out of 100

  3. Big Daddy says :

    Your focus on the glove proves you obviously weren’t paying attention. It’s stated clearly that just touching the senior partner with the glove will kill it. Angel’s goal is getting to the home office to battle the senior partners in a blaze of glory. The focus is on Angel’s nadir, not the stupid glove. Your focus on a minor plot point made listening to analysis hard to listen to after a while. Also, it really was Holland! Jesus! Do you even know the show mythology? Was it really Lilah in season 5? Pay attention!

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