Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.14 “The Thin Dead Line”


Here is the podcast covering episode fourteen of season two, “The Thin Dead Line”.

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Next week, we will be covering episode fifteen of season two, “Reprise”, where it is rumored that a Senior Partner is visiting Wolfram and Hart Angel is determined to kill them.


3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.14 “The Thin Dead Line””

  1. Cainim says :

    This week as I settled in to watch Reprise a mysterious elevator appeared and Bernard from Lost stepped out and said he had 3 things he wanted to show me. Loving elevators since the Charlie and the Chocolate factory sequel I couldn’t resist and here is what he showed me.

    1. A world where fear and heartbreak don’t cloud perception and our ability to do what’s right. Where Wesley does something far braver than facing any hideous monsters.

    2. A place where I actually had sympathy for Kate(even through some of the worst drunk acting I’ve ever seen). that review board was harsh but it was unique to see a character pay a realistic price for acting like a reckless idiot.

    3. The power of elevators as metaphor. Who hasn’t hooked up with someone we know is bad for us upon realizing that nothing matters and that we are all in he’ll. The true tragedy is that although what Angel realizes is true what he doesn’t realize is that it is also true that heaven too is all around us as well and that the we can always keep fighting for it. The world is a complicated place and how we are forced to or choose to perceive it guides our choices.

    And with that he left me back where I started by with my eyes more wide open and, although I know what happens I’m excited to see what comes next.

    79 out of 100

  2. Joseph says :

    Wow. Yes, the episode is melodramatic, and even on my fifth watch, I still am not sure if the “We live in the Home Office” twist is deep or dumb, but dang it all if this episode doesn’t work for all that.

    – Hoodie Angel is a scary guy, and he’s apparently willing to leave Kate to die and risk summoning Angelus when he’s down. I was the one who suggested that Angel sleep with Faith in Enemies and that he bite Lilah in Blood Money, and *I* find this turn of events dark.

    – I am starting to love the Whedonverse trope of “In order to solve this problem, you need a super-rare magical artifact that I just happen to have over here. I think Giles did that three or four times.”

    – I think Kate’s story could be better written, but this is still pretty effective. Angel should be glad Kate doesn’t have his cell number, or he would have gotten drunk dials all night.

    – I’m not sure the elevator twist makes any sense in hindsight. The Senior Partner needed the ring to travel from, um, LA to LA? Are they saying that the senior partners are the evil that lives in human hearts, and the ring allows them to take a human body? If so, are the Powers that Be some aspect of humanity as well?

    – Speaking of the Powers that Be, they don’t seem to be doing very much to interfere with Wolfram and Hart’s plan for Angel. Are things proceeding according to their plan as well, or are they limited in some substantial way? Because it seems like at this point, if they have any levers to throw at all, they should be throwing them.

    – As I said, it’s melodramatic, but I loved seeing everyone hit their low point, and the triple cliffhanger is cool. (Come to think of it, we didn’t see Gunn at his low point. My head cannon is he left the office, suddenly remembered that he used to have a sister, and is off someplace feeling bad,)

  3. chrisart6 says :

    Ok did we all watch the same thing as I didn’t like this episode.The starting scene was so sad. I felt pity for Angel. I felt the emotions. The anger of him pushing the papers off the desk. The sadness when he puts his head down.

    Then for the next 40 mins, nothing. It felt flat to me. Was it the direction? Was it the acting? A bit of both? I didn’t find the zombie cops scary, I didn’t feel the street kids pain or feel that they were scared enough for their own safety. I didn’t feel the eagerness of them trying to survive once the house was under attack. It was just meh. This is happening.
    I did get the shock of Wes being shot and liked the moment he and Gunn have in the hospitial, however I think it says a lot for the episode if Kate is the one to make me feel the most out of all when she is crying at her fathers grave. I may have even liked her a bit in this, lucky for me it ended before I could follow through with THAT thought.

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