Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.13 “Happy Anniversary”


Here is the podcast covering episode thirteen of season two, “Happy Anniversary”.

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Next week, we will be covering episode fourteen of season two, “The Thin Dead Line”, where Angel and Kate team up to fight… zombie cops


4 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.13 “Happy Anniversary””

  1. Cainim says :

    So how did an episode that had so much going against end up not being as terrible as all that?

    Let me count the 3 ways.

    1. A truly scary threat. There is something truly unsettling about the force we expect to serve and protect, the people we are supposed to turn to for help turning on us with irrational violence. The police uniform is a symbol and it is jarring to see it used this way. Of course I’m part of the privileged class so what do I know? Cops could never behave that way in the real world, could they?

    2. Characters behaving in realistic ways. Everyone in this episode except Kenny act in plausible ways. From Cordelia’s harshness with Angel, to the behavior of Gunn’s friends, to Anne’s life, I bought it. Even bit parts like Jackson seem to have a life and depth outside of the episode which is refreshing.

    3. Gunn and Wesley bonding. By the end of this episode I truly believed that Gunn and Wes were good friends.

    So all in all not too shabby, wait what did she just say….ugh…no….no

    Hang on a second I have a phone call to make..this may take a minute.

  2. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    Wouldn’t someone at that precinct have noticed that all the new cops were, well zombies? Or possibly recognised one of them? Where did they all go when they were off duty? Despite all of that it was an interesting story for a while.

  3. Ashlie says :

    Blood Money
    I really like the introduction of Anne. You don’t have to know that she was a character on Buffy to understand who she is and what she’s doing. Didn’t much care for the rest of the episode though.

    Happy Anniversary
    Well I like that we get more of The Host. I like him pretending to be a mascot to try and blend in at the university. I didn’t really care for poor Glen though. Is that something people do? Have pity sex before breaking up? Sounds like this was something she does with all the guys she dumps. Plus the whole climax/freezing the world in that moment ending was a bit weird. Talk about being over dramatic.

    The Thin Dead Line
    Another Gunn episode. I do like Gunn’s connection to Anne and getting to know a little bit more about his character. Really didn’t like the creepy black guy hanging around the house though. Zombie cops? It just sounds like a terrible plot. Like a cheesy horror movie, which is basically what the episode became at the end. Poor Wesley for getting shot, but it does set up a potential friendship for him and Gunn. Oh and apparently Kate is still around. Barely. I also like the recurrence of Merle the demon.

  4. chrisart6 says :

    I just wanted to comment on the theory of why Wesley is the clear choice for leader. I do not believe it was due to race or gender at all.
    I believe he was born to be a leader, as he was a watcher. They lead the slayers. Albeit he wasn’t a very good one, however he has shown signs of leadership skills. I think Wes is the most qualified person out of the three for the position. Wes has vast knowledge in the area of supernatural and has shown on various occassions that he will step up to plate and take action for the safety of others. E.g when Cordy is threatened with a gun, he becomes Angel for her safety in Guise Will Be Guise. Just because he can come off as a little goofy and silly, the comedic relief that the show needs, he will do what is needed and be serious when he has to.
    Although Gunn leads his little group on the streets well, I can hardly see Wes & Cordy taking the same direction as his street kids. I don’t believe tough love would work as well, and well you know, they aren’t street kids. That and also it was out of his own mouth, this is just a side job, not his main priority. (What’s his main job again?) He was hired to be the muscle in Angel Investigations, to help Angel with the fighting, not to lead them after Angel fires them. He is sooo not qualified for THIS leadership postition.
    Cordy proves in this episode to why she isn’t suitable for the position. Crackers anyone? They are for everyone to eat right? She ain’t there yet. A little more character developement is needed with Cordy before she can or could ever lead and give direction.

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