William’s Review – 2.12 “Blood Money”

The Good

Angel worked really nicely. There was something truly frightening to me about him accessing the dark side to him. Him going full on stalker was startling with Anne, but the scene with Lilah really took the cake. Angel seemed to really embody Angelus in that moment. He had a lot of the same mannerisms and it actually disturbed me. I don’t think he was going to do anything, but something about this performance made it much more threatening than the past times we’ve got with Angel. There was something much more believable and darker about this threat to Lilah.

Getting to see gang was nice even for how little we actually got in this. The opening was funny with Gunn and Wes being truly freaked out. And seeing the gang decided to continue on with making their own investigation team was interesting. Even if them arguing over the name was a little cheesy, I still laughed at Gunn and Cordelia both telling Wes to shut up.

Anne worked really nicely for our case of the week character. Yes it helps if you’ve seen this character already twice on Buffy, but I didn’t feel it was completely necessary. The actress does a great job of selling a sense of past to this character. It was sad to see her struggling through the episode and to realize that she is just being used by everyone. At the same time there was a great deal of strength to her character. She’s not naive and does what she can to help these kids that she cares about.

The Bad

Every time there is an “epic” fight in this episode they immediately cut away. I get that there are budgetary restrictions on any given episode, but if you do this multiple times in the same episode I think it becomes much more noticeable. I honestly don’t think they would have pulled of a fire farting dragon or a three hour fight with our demon cowboy, but especially with the latter. If you are going to hype up a fight, then you might need to give us something.

The end felt a little awkward. We had this dark Angel trying to stick it to Lilah and Lindsey. So for the video tape to be a fake and be this big comedy moment felt a little weird tonally. I also wasn’t a fan of seeing Lilah and Lindsey run through the crowd multiple times. It was just strange.

The Unknown

I’m not sure I understood the time frame of Boone and Angel first meeting. Clearly they fought while Angel was ensouled. I don’t think we’ll get to ever figure out more from this first encounter with Boone now being dead, but it would have been interesting to see.

Favorite Moment

Angel giving the “Blood Money” to Anne. This scene was really interesting. It steps on the toes of the previous scene were Angel tells Anne that she’s still human and would accept the tainted money. But what I like is that it DOES step on that moment. It paints both Anne and Angel in a different light. Maybe Angel isn’t too far down his dark path to not be human. And maybe Anne has a little darkness in her after all.

Bottom line

This episode has a lot of little flaws that drag it down especially towards the end with video playback and Lilah and Lindsey running back and forth.

Score: 61 out of 100


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