Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.12 “Blood Money”


Here is the podcast covering episode twelve of season two, “Blood Money”.

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Next week, we will be covering episode thirteen of season two, “Happy Anniversary”, where Angel and The Host team up to help a lovelorn scientist.


3 responses to “Angel Rewatch – Podcast for 2.12 “Blood Money””

  1. thehistoryofbyzantium says :

    There was a lot to like here. Gene’s story was interesting and it always stands out when a character-of-the-week gets fleshed out like this. Though I don’t buy that Denise would have thought sleeping with him and dumping him immediately afterwards was the right thing to do. I don’t think it would have changed the episode for her to announce she was going to dump him a week after their anniversary.

    The addition of Lorne to the ensemble has been a great success. It was good writing to have Angel open up to him as it allowed him to address his issues while also making us care more about Lorne.

    The final moment struck me as having a double meaning. On first watch Wesley’s claim that “Angel Investigations” is just a name seems to deepen the alienation between the trio and Angel himself. But in a way it shows how Angel really can atone. He told Lorne that there’s no way he can make up for his centuries of evil. But by touching the lives of Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia he has recruited a team of Angels to help him atone.

  2. Cainim says :

    I feel like challenging myself this week. So let’s see if I can come up with 3 positive things about “Happy Anniversary”

    1. Lorne’s speech about the next note and the tag scene with Wes, Cordelia and Gunn are lovely moments about the power of change and moving on.

    2. Taken in a vacuum I really loved the drawing room scene. Great comedy but I couldn’t help but wonder what are they going to do with the doting aunt? I still think the sister did it.

    Let’s see a third, a third…it is so hard to look past this mess and the disturbingly haunting image of Gene ‘s amazingly icky and well coordinated frozen moment.

    Okay I better shake it off before i give this episode a 14.

    3. The episode reminded me of some other shows I’ve enjoyed. The whole plot was like something from season 1 of the X-files. And then there was the Whose line is it anyway moment. You know where Clive or Drew says “its time for film and theater styles, the scene, two college girls discussing dumping a boyfriend starting in the style of amateur dramatics.”

    Still it was nice to see Lorne take center stage.

    Ok I’m done let me never speak of this again.

    60 out of 100

  3. Joseph says :

    Happy Anniversary: The A plot is exactly what I would have liked to see in Season One – somebody who needs Angel’s help in a case of the week, with some themes of loneliness and finding your path, and some tangential relevance to Angel’s life. This would have been a solid Buffy episode, and I liked it on Angel as well. Also, the fight as the time wave approached was a cool effect.

    Man, Andy Hallett is great as Lorne. Is it true that Joss discovered him?

    I am loving the gang, from Wes’s Agatha Christie mystery to Gunn complimenting him to the dance party. I almost wish we had a spin-off set around only Whedon side characters – for example, Oz, Amy, and Percy move to New York and need to make it in the big city.

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